by dlmds 15 Apr 2011

do not test: all of Veronika's sites, Emblibrary, and Bunnycup. Do any of you have sites that you trust this much? Hugs.


by twee 17 Apr 2011

Hatched In Africa are always quality too.

by ansalu 16 Apr 2011

Like marleymoo I trust GG designs and also Urban Threads (the owner worked once at emblibrary ;o).
Have some german sites like Anja Rieger (very funny designs and all her own artwork) and (for all with little boys: you have to watch the new monstas :o)
Greetings, Bettina

by lbrow 16 Apr 2011

I most always trust Veronika's sites but I have gotten some poor designs from Emlibrary./ If it is for me I may not test but if it is for a paying customer I will probably test it first./Lillian

by mjdg 16 Apr 2011

My favorite is Emb. Library.

by jjjj 16 Apr 2011

As well as the designs from Veronic's sites, I never test the designs from Embroidery Library. The digitisation is top class!
I have added a link so you can have a look.

by dlmds 16 Apr 2011

Thank you all for your help--it is wonderful to know the sites that we do not have to waste fabric, stabilizer, thread, and our time on. Some digitizers are very fussy about their designs--I have the greatest respect for all of them. Know I missed some and I apologize to those that I have missed. H&*

by ssampsel 15 Apr 2011

thank you for asking this question..i trust the same site that you do, i've stitched them sooo many times. i take marleymoo, lynda53 & sewlikedawn's trust for the ones they have mentioned. ***flowers***

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dlmds by dlmds 16 Apr 2011

Some others I will have to check out Thank you. H&*

by marleymoo 15 Apr 2011

I always trust, and G G Designs! They are always perfect!!!

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dlmds by dlmds 16 Apr 2011

You have mentioned two sites that I have never tryed. I will look them up. Thank you. H&*

by lynda53 15 Apr 2011

Sue Box designs I never test.Just perfect everytime.

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dlmds by dlmds 16 Apr 2011

Sue Box is another I do not test. Thank you for the reminder. H&*

by sewlikedawn 15 Apr 2011

Charming Station and My Gardening are sites that I don't check.

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dlmds by dlmds 16 Apr 2011

Thank you, I have never tryed Charming Station. Sorry that I forgot My Gardening--yes hers are prefect also. H&*