by damaris 12 Apr 2011

I have been trying to DL boy4 on and it comes up a blank page Has anyone gotten that design? how??


by asterixsew Moderator 12 Apr 2011
I am now finding the site confusing to say the least

by mysugarfootswife 12 Apr 2011

Didn't have a problem with the boys, but did with one of the shoe kids. Downloaded it 5 times and it wouldn't open either time. I gave up.

by sleepysbabydoll 12 Apr 2011

I have downloaded all the free boys and received the files correctly. Correct link is below.

damaris by damaris 13 Apr 2011

I still get a blank page. I guess I will forget it

sleepysbabydoll by sleepysbabydoll 23 Apr 2011

Have you tried downloading in a different format? I downloaded in .jef .

by ramona 12 Apr 2011

Link doesn't work. Try again.

by crafter2243 Moderator 12 Apr 2011

Sorry but I think this is a wrong link.