by ssampsel 11 Apr 2011

can i use a trapunto design as redwork? A Stitch A Half has some sets for $1 that i love..but i don't like trapunto.


by ssampsel 11 Apr 2011

thanks for all the help, can't wait to see what happens!

by baydreamer 11 Apr 2011

yes but there is a trick. you have to stitch the batting .
1. hoop the under fabric or back side right side down.
2. pin the batting, u my have to use WSS on top of the batting.
3. stitch the section you want to trapunto
4. cut all the batting outside of the design
5. lay the top fabric on the hoop
6. Now stitch the design.

baydreamer by baydreamer 11 Apr 2011

hope this link helps.

ssampsel by ssampsel 11 Apr 2011

bookmarked the link, sure i'll be needing this later! thank you.

by mooie24 11 Apr 2011

I support Mops and Shirlene's answers
yep you can,
I have many of Anne maries trapunto sets
I have just had a quick look through and they all seem to be pretty similier
the designs come with 2 colours..
the first colour to run the trapunto design
the second colour to run the picture design
otherwise they are pretty much redword designs lol
big hugs from London
Maria xx

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ssampsel by ssampsel 11 Apr 2011

this is great..these designs are wonderful!

by mops Moderator 11 Apr 2011

Same answer: I can't see why not, just leave out the stuffing/batting.

sewdoctor by sewdoctor 11 Apr 2011

Exactly, my first thought too....why not?

ssampsel by ssampsel 11 Apr 2011

why not was my first thought, but that often gets me in trouble!! thank you.

by shirlener88 11 Apr 2011

I can't see why you couldn't!

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ssampsel by ssampsel 11 Apr 2011

thank you, this is great news!