by lyn4 08 Apr 2011

Hi Cuties, How do I tell what size a design is in Customiser 10000. I can see how many stitches, but don't have any idea the end size.


by nonna57 09 Apr 2011

Lyn save it on the computer in a file so you can easily find it. then go into customiser and vheck it out there. It will tell you the size and however many stitches, Hope this helps. Pauline :)

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lyn4 by lyn4 09 Apr 2011

I have just realised that, I am looking at just the design opening. Now when I open Customiser, I can see the size. Thanks Pauline

by shirlener88 08 Apr 2011

I don't have that program - but alot of times - you can click on the design - if you get a block around it - you can sometimes see the size of the design - at the bottom left of the page. Hope this helps - until someone that really knows - comes along.

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lyn4 by lyn4 08 Apr 2011

Thanks Shirlene, I will check it out.