by faerynutt 08 Apr 2011

I don't know if anyone has posted this site or not, but is lists many sites with free designs, projects & downloads.



by fanniefrannie 09 Apr 2011

OMG! Have spent the entire morning DL-forgot the housework AND hubby' lunch. Still haven't finished this list. AMAZING

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faerynutt by faerynutt 09 Apr 2011

Housework will always be there and your DH is a big boy and can make his own lunch :)

by ssampsel 09 Apr 2011

thanks for sharing this HUGE list. this will occupy me for a while.

by leenova54 09 Apr 2011

Thanks for the link, had never heard of them.

by noah 08 Apr 2011

To much to read this late at night maybe tomorrow****thanks

by fabricfairy 08 Apr 2011

Thankyou so much about 3 months ago my computer crashed , I had this marked and lost it , I am so happy to have it back , there is lots of good thing in here I have been known to spend hours surfing this site . Cathy

by jules40 08 Apr 2011

super thank you will check em all out