by mel08 06 Apr 2011

and have come up empty handed. I have seen tiny little ones for Barbie dolls - but that is not what I was looking for. Way back then I had never done FSL and did not have a little GD.

Thanks for any suggestions or help.



by mysugarfootswife 11 Apr 2011

And they're only a buck at Dainty!

by my3chis 11 Apr 2011

I bought one at secrets of machine embroidery. Type tiara into the search.

by rwalden 06 Apr 2011

Hope you find what you are wanting. Sorry I'm no help.

by shirlener88 06 Apr 2011

Dainty Stitches has lots of Tiarra's. LQQK under Occasions - Wedding - there are several pages of them.

by baydreamer 06 Apr 2011

Just email Dainty stitches and ask. I am sure it is that site

by eastwitch2 06 Apr 2011

Try looking inn the archives on Dainty Stitches website.
Link below.

by ssampsel 06 Apr 2011

try dainty stitches, you will find several!

by noah 06 Apr 2011

ttt i would like to see these to i remember but****

by bettytaylor 06 Apr 2011

try they had them on their old site and sure they should still have them on the new one. haven't been there in awhile. betty

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mel08 by mel08 06 Apr 2011

That was the site I searched...and found nothing....Oh well.......