by momtwo2 29 Mar 2008

Fabric on Sale.. Trip up to NJ to see the family, SIL an Elvis Freak.. viola and excuse to make up a new bag and try some new fonts that I downloaded at sew forum. This is my first attempt at a smoon bag, tut at sew forum too..


by kezza2sew 23 Apr 2008

Better not show my SIL this or she will want one..she is an Elvis collector and has a room just for all her Elvis things alone. Love the colours is the name what they called a "stacked name"?

by kttyhwk4 22 Apr 2008

Great bag......Elvis fans everywhere will want one. *4U

by lbrow 22 Apr 2008

Good job,, your SIL will be the envy of the neighborhood. & probably your friend forever *4U

by coco128 22 Apr 2008

Who wouldn't love this bag and I love Elvis too!! You did a wonderful job. ***4u

by roxsy 22 Apr 2008

Love Elvis,Love your bag.Flower for you

by simplyrosie 22 Apr 2008

How cute! I know an Elvis freak that would die for this adorable tote.

by ruthie 31 Mar 2008

momtwo2, Ilove it, bit of an elvis fan, hugs and a flower sweetie.

by lorettag28 30 Mar 2008

momtwo2, I am not an Elvis freak, but this is a stunning bag, is this pattern your own? It is a nice looking project. Thank you for sharing it. Where did you get the embroidery design? A flower for your workmanship.

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momtwo2 by momtwo2 31 Mar 2008

not my pattern, just my take on it.. It is from a a tut on sew forums by smoon. Very simple, but makes and an elegant bag

by tmbache 30 Mar 2008

Nice bag, the Elvis fabric looks like some we have at our WalMart in Maine. for something like 3.97 or 2.97 a yard. Neat idea, maybe will make a bag for my daughter she likes Elvis also. Along with her Mom,Me. Flowers to you girl.

by katydid 30 Mar 2008

If my hairdresser saw this, I would be making one. she is the Elvis fanatic. Everything Elvis in her shop. Did you buy the Elvis fabric or is that stitched on? Love to know.

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momtwo2 by momtwo2 30 Mar 2008

Walmart the wonderstore. I am lucky in my area I only lost one craft department!

by clawton 30 Mar 2008

A neat project. Stunning in appearance. Love the name.

by joaniessw 29 Mar 2008

I love the bag. Nice font. I was wondering about Elvis too. *4U. Have a safe trip

by shirlener88 29 Mar 2008

momtwo2, very nice work - my I ask - is the Elvis on the bag, embroidery? I love the name - it is so cute - *4u

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momtwo2 by momtwo2 29 Mar 2008

the sillouhtee (sorry can sew but can't spell) is Elvis.