by tbbender 03 Apr 2011

Here are two more pages, this set can be found at Britt Designs

bottom of page:



by knitty46 03 Apr 2011

This is cute. Do they have a blank book? I thought about using gift bags and do the same thing but put things in it that my grand babies might like.

tbbender by tbbender 04 Apr 2011

There is one page with little embroidery on it, inside cover page. You could edit the page by putting something over the design, then when embroidering, just skip the original design and start on your own.
She did have a blank, larger version book, I used on the Farm alpha, on her Yahoo account. I'll take a peek and add it to this section.

tbbender by tbbender 04 Apr 2011

Sorry nothing, maybe contact her and ask

by oaro 03 Apr 2011

beautiful work