by mel08 03 Apr 2011

I am hooked. WOW. Soon I will be able to actually digitize something I can share. I figure I might need a week or 2 to figure all of this out.


by 02kar Moderator 04 Apr 2011

Goody, When you figure it out, come to my house and teach me to use it. I have Floriani but just am not good at this computer stuff.

by designcrazy 03 Apr 2011

I don't know anything about the Floriani Total Control Professional FTC-P, but I do have the Emb. Suite Pro, I haven't learned to digitize yet. I need more classes on how to do that. Walter Floriani made it look pretty easy, but he has been it the emb. business all his life. He already knows what he's talking about. I wish you good luck with it.

by shirlener88 03 Apr 2011

So happy for you - way to go.

by clawton 03 Apr 2011

Congratulations! I went to a class a while back and saw to demonstrated. It really looked great. I all ready had the 4D Extra so couldn't afford that also. You should have a great time with it.

by hightechgrammy 03 Apr 2011

I am soooo excited for you, and a little jealous too. What a wonderful way to get acquainted with a program. Did they show you how to do FSL and in the hoop and how to change the kind of stitches? OUr family budget just doesn't include software at this point. I'm very happy for you and can't wait to see what you will produce and share!! How are you going to sleep now? Jan

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mel08 by mel08 03 Apr 2011

Not quite sure about the sleep thing....but I am being a good girl and getting ALL of the other housework type things done so I can play when the software comes. The learning curve on this software is not too bad, however it does so much that it is a bit overwhelming. I am sure that by mid summer I will be snatching shirts, towels and socks and purse and whatever from friends to fulfill my embroidery madness.
I do have a Brother PR-650...and now I can have real fun.