by nglover1 29 Mar 2008

Cutiepie Congrats on reaching 2000, I was so excited to see Danny & Tommy that I almost missed it. THREE Flowers for you.


by shirlener88 29 Mar 2008

nglover, thanks for the heads up - Cutiepie CONGRATULATIONS, you now have 2060 - it has been a big day for you with all the post on the Danny & Tommy's picture. *4U ng Shirlene

by clawton 29 Mar 2008

Congratulations again!

by lorettag28 29 Mar 2008

nglover, thank you for the headsup and a flower for you. Cutiepie, thank you for all that you do and even when you are gone, we keep giving you flowers and wishing you were here. HaHa.

by nglover1 29 Mar 2008

This is an exciting day with everyone reaching new totals but I wanted to say I hope the boys are doing well when you visit and give them a hug from all of their Aunts & Grandma's across the world.

by letvia 29 Mar 2008

Congratulations Cutiepie for this too ;-)

by joaniessw 29 Mar 2008

Congrats on the 2000 Cutiepie. May the flowers just continue to bloom at your computer.

by jrob Moderator 29 Mar 2008

Congratulations, can't wait for you to get to check in occasionally. The babies are incredibly beautiful and blessed beyond compare!;)

by ruthie 29 Mar 2008

Yeah, *CONGRATULATIONS* cutiepie, fantastic to have you here, thanks for all your help and friendship, you're special sweetie, love, hugs and flowers for you.