digitizer: sabinemufassa 29 Mar 2011

on request 4x4

Design #: 7134727
Size (in): 2.72"(w)x3.66"(h)   (mm): 69mm(w)x93mm(h)
Stitches: 3269 Colors: 1 Print Color Chart
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Original artwork: elvis
Copyright: These design are protected by International & US Copyright Laws. The Design Files are licensed, not sold, to you. You have a nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited license to use the Design Files. THIS LICENSE IS LIMITED TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL, INTERNAL USE ONLY: gifts and individual items for resale at craft markets, and bazaars. Unauthorised reproduction or distribution of these designs or any portion of them, by email or any other means, is strictly prohibited. The digitised files and/or artwork cannot be sold, given away, shared or transferred in any way.

by stock 07 Jun 2012


by pamlamb 16 Mar 2012

Ilove Elvis. Thany you

by mameb 15 Mar 2012

Merci beaucoup !!!

by renee59102 21 Jan 2012

Thank you...

by klaessle 29 Mar 2011

thank you

by schiessbudenhexe 29 Mar 2011

thank you

by sabinemufassa 29 Mar 2011

I didn't place it three times myself.
I had troubles with my computer.

love Sabine.

mpo14011 by mpo14011 29 Mar 2011

Sabine, where it says original artwork you must put the name of the artist or the website you got the picture from. You can not put the name of the picture here.
And if you do not know where you got the artwork from, you can not put a question mark.
Because all of these pictures are copyrighted, you MUST acknowledge the artist. If you do not know who it is, or the website you get the artwork from, you would be better of not putting it up in here.
You could get Veronika, yourself and anyone else who downloads it into trouble.
You also need to get permission from the artist or photographer to be allowed to reproduce any of the pictures you have put on DBC.

mops by mops 29 Mar 2011

Thanks for pointing it out Ricky. I sent her a PM (in Dutch as she lives there) some days ago telling her the same thing, but she does not seem to understand or did not read it.