by cutiepie 28 Mar 2008

I'm back! Well, at least mostly. =] The twins decided that they wanted out, so they were born on Saturday night. They were only 33 weeks along, so they were born tiny. *More inside*


by nurselilly 02 Apr 2008

oh cutiepie i have a vision lol i c CUTE embroidered jammies being made for the boys :) bunch *s 4 u :)

by maryjo 02 Apr 2008

Oh cutiepie, I can feel the excitement AND relief in your words. I'm so glad the boys are doing so well. Won't be long now. The triplets only spent about 24 hrs in a crib before coming home. They all came home together on Valentines day of last year. They weighed 4lb.2oz, 3lb.12oz, and 4lb.4oz when they came home. No moniters or special equipment. I will continue to pray for your family. I'm sure they will be home very soon. And you get as much rest as you can now. I know life with 3 boys. They will exhilarate and drain you at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You needed some more!!!!!!!!!!Keep us posted.

by tmbache 01 Apr 2008

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!to hear the GOOD news and things must be going well for the boys and mom as well.We''ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers. you keep us posted dear You are such a SWEETIE. Flowers hugs and kisses to you all from all of us here.

by clawton 01 Apr 2008

So glad I check back a few pages. At first I thought this was the orginal one from you. But NOT. All sounds good. Hopefully they will be home with you and family soon. Prayers are still with you.

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letvia by letvia 02 Apr 2008


by mops Moderator 01 Apr 2008

Cutiepie, congratulations! I am so glad they are both healthy and growing fast. Hope you can take them both home soon. Saw the picture of your 'project'. They are gorgeous. God bless them (and you, your DH and Liam).

by shirlener88 01 Apr 2008

cutipie, I am so excited for you and the boys - that is such great news - they are growing so well and it is great tht Danny is wearing his pj's and transitioning to the crib - Tommy will follow - it sounds like they really don't have all the trouble that some NICU babies do or you are hiding that part from us - and no worries over the exclmation points with me - I use them and abuse the real formation of this language and it's structure all the time. Hehehe! Thank you so much! *4U

by ruthie 01 Apr 2008

You're getting closer to bringing those beautiful twins home, cutiepie. So pleased to hear that they are doing so well. I can just picture Danny wearing tiny pyjams - what color are they, haha! And you use as many exclamation marks as you want sweetie, if you can't use them for something as fantastic as this, then when can you use them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for keeping us posted, as Danny's and Tommy's *Cute* family we have a right to know when something this monumental happens, hugs and a flower for you sweetie, and take care. Love you.

by cutiepie 01 Apr 2008

Hey, all you adopted "Cute" Aunties, Grandmas, Nanas and Godmothers! We have good news: Danny is wearing pyjamas!! That means that they are going to try and transition him from the Isolette (incubator) to a regular crib. If he keeps up his body heat by himself and doesn't start losing weight, he is one step closer to coming home with me!!!! Since Tommy is still so much smaller, they are holding off a few days before they try it with him as well. Both boys are eating very well and haven't had to have a feeding tube inserted. I don't know what he weighed in at tonight, but last night, Danny was 3 lbs. 15.3 oz, so he's creeping right up on that 4 lb mark. I'm so excited!! And no, I don't think I am abusing the exclamation points here. When news is this good, there can not be too many exclamation points in use!

ruthie by ruthie 01 Apr 2008

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - you didn't use enough cutiepie, so here's some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 01 Apr 2008


by z43mak 30 Mar 2008

What a beautiful pair of baby boys! You have really been blessed. They will be home before you know, and then you will really have fun.

by freida 30 Mar 2008

Take care of yourself and don't over do. Be wise. I am so proud of you! You did so well. The boys are beautiful and I am so greatful to the Lord for all He is doing for you. Get some rest and take care of those feet and legs. You will be back to normal soon. :o) Hugs, Freida

by raels011 29 Mar 2008

I am happy to be a Nana by proxy HA HA * 4 U

by dlmds 29 Mar 2008

Cutiepie, I am glad you and new boys are home and doing well. God bless all. H.*.

by kezza2sew 29 Mar 2008

I am so Happy you are back and all went well. Really glad for you. Thanks for keeping us all up to date on this wonderful occassion. Congratulations on bringing these two Bundles of LOVE into our hearts. Take Care.

by nurselilly 29 Mar 2008

Oh i was sooooo glad to hear that you and the boys were ok we have all been thinking about you. Glad to hear that you have finished your MAJOR project hahaha anyway take care and look after yourself :)* for you

by cutiepie 29 Mar 2008

There is now a picture of this project of mine in the Projects area. I think I did pretty good. What do you think? =D

lorettag28 by lorettag28 29 Mar 2008

cutiepie, they are so presious, thank you for posting your project so we all can view these two little angels. Danny & Tommy are so sweet and adorable. Thank you! I want to hold them, soon. A flower for you and the two of them. Loretta

lorettag28 by lorettag28 29 Mar 2008


katydid by katydid 29 Mar 2008

I missed the announcement. A belated congratulations to you and your family. I know every thing will be fine.

by dollysays 28 Mar 2008

So happy for you! hope all goes well for all of you!

by kkcogle 28 Mar 2008

Congrats! Please post pictures!!

by babyred 28 Mar 2008

Cutiepie, congratulations!!! I know your babies will be home with you soon. Rest now, you will not have time after they are home with you. Enjoy every minute you have with them because before you know it, they will be all grown giving you grandbabies!

by tmjanecek 28 Mar 2008

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I think that we are probably more excited to hear the news than you! LOL!
I was concerned about you and just last night I noticed that someone here at Cute mentioned that there were updates about your situation in sick's forum. Well, I searched for a couple of hours, but didn't find it... Any way, I am glad that you are doing well and that your new babies are too.
Well, the NICU can be a roller coaster ride, so I wish your family and your new baby boys the best of luck... It won't be long, but soon they will be taking 8 bottles a day (and breast if the Dr says it is okay). Teresa

by kttyhwk4 28 Mar 2008

Happy to hear you and the twins are fine. You have been truely blessed. A flower for you.

by silver 28 Mar 2008

I think it is great that you named one Tommy.. did you know and name him that because he was a twin? (that's one of the accepted meanings of the name Thomas... it is actually a common name in my family) Or was it in the plans before you knew 'he' were a 'they'?

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cutiepie by cutiepie 31 Mar 2008

Actually, yes and no. I was considering Thomas as a name before I found out there were two. I then decided to go with Daniel, and then when I found out that "Twin" was one of the accepted meanings of the name Thomas, that clinched it for me. He had to be Thomas/Tommy.

by nini 28 Mar 2008

Glad to have you back. Congratulations! It's marvelous to hear that everyting is allright with you and your little boys. I wish you all good and happy days! Take care

by sand 28 Mar 2008

Happy birthday to you !!!!

by wilder 28 Mar 2008

Congratulations on the birth of your two new babies. It has been a long since I have held a new baby. Enjoy every minute of it. Time goes so fast.
You are truly blessed. Ruth W.

by dkjack 28 Mar 2008

Congradulations to you and your family. It is wonderful to know your twins arrived healthy. Now get some much needed rest (physically & mentally) :) before the fun begins.

by simplytrisha 28 Mar 2008

Congratulations to you and your family and a huge welcome to your new beautiful sons may your long lives be filled with love laughs and beautiful memories

by sueffb1 28 Mar 2008

I also want to tell you Congratulations!! Three beautiful boys in your life - what a blessing. It will be a blink of an eye and Danny & Tommy will be giving Liam a "tough time". Again, God bless your whole family! Sue

by beeboomer 28 Mar 2008

Gasp! Congratulations! And welcome to the world little Danny and Tommy.

by dlonnahawkins 28 Mar 2008

We are all so happy that everyting is fine and that they are healthy. You had many thinking and praying for you.

by dlmds 28 Mar 2008

I am so happy you are back and the boy's are doing well. You have been missed!! H.*.

by sira 28 Mar 2008

Congratulations cutiepie ! I wish You and your whole family all the best - may your little twins grow and become stronger ! Bunch of flowers for You and Your little ones !!!

by cloey 28 Mar 2008

Congratulations. Cloey

by silver 28 Mar 2008

Hurray! Glad you all are okay... you are in the thoughts and hearts of all of us... Hugs for all and now................................................

Go Back To Bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


by persiancatlover 28 Mar 2008

congradulations with your twins,take good care of yourself

by brendaleas 28 Mar 2008

congradulations:):):):):) How please take care of yourself! And get some help with the BOYS! Be sure and give them hugs and kisses from all of us here at cutes******************* ************************************************************************************* many more * for you and the babies

by sanjoy51 28 Mar 2008

CONGRADULATIONS!!! Cutiepie it is wonderful news now the fun begins, make sure you get your rest inbetween the feeds. And don't rush into the house work just take care of yourself and the boys.

by prampelb 28 Mar 2008

Congratulation to you and your twins! What a nice new adventure. I am very happy to read that babies are doing great and I hope that you will recover from your c-section as well as I did (also had two of those...). Take care of you while the nurses take good care of your babies. Enjoy good night of sleeps! You will need all your energy whan they are back home. Once more: take care of yourself!

by marjialexa Moderator 28 Mar 2008

There are no good words for how I feel, everybody else said it so well. You have lots of 'grandmas' and 'aunties' out here caring for you all. For pity sakes, I'm crying! Please post pictures when you can. Love you very much. Marji

by clawton 28 Mar 2008

Welcome back. Wonderful to hear from you and good news at that. Congratulations two beautiful boys. Looking forward to seeing pictures of them. We will still keep you and the babies in our prayers that they progress well and can go home soon. C-section can take a bit of recovery so take care of yourself.

by letvia 28 Mar 2008


by maryjo 28 Mar 2008

So glad to hear everything went so well. I'm sure the boys will be home in no time. I posted a pic of my GDs hoping you'd get a glance at them, and it could ease your mind. It's in the Projects section. You take care and try to rest as much as possible. It's probably your last chance for a lot of years. I am the mother of 3 boys so I have a good idea what your future holds. Rest whenever you can. Hope to see you back here real soon.

by marymoore 28 Mar 2008

congrats cutiepie glad twins are doing well take care of yourself

by jrob Moderator 28 Mar 2008

I am so happy for you and your family. God does answer prayers, and there were many answered on your behalf. I hope that you are healing well, Liam is enjoying his last few days as an "only" child, hubby is immensely supportive, and you have a smile that can't be wiped off of your face. Much love, jrob.;)

by nglover1 28 Mar 2008

Cutiepie, Congratulations, I am sooo glad Danny & Tommy are here and doing sooo well. Glad their lungs are strong that is sooo important. They will be gaining weight and be HOME soooon. Prayers have been and will conntinue for you & your BOYS. ( That sounds sooo goood. Your Cute family have been missing you .

by peptrix 28 Mar 2008

Congratulations glad everything is okay. Double the fun!

by meganne 28 Mar 2008

I've only just found your post and I'm crying tears of total joy and relief that you are all OK! Miracles do happen! God bless you all. Meganne

by modo 28 Mar 2008

félicitations, congradulations*

by smoke1275 28 Mar 2008

How wonderful congratulations,cutiepie. Children are such a gift, hope your all well!!

by libster2896 28 Mar 2008

Cutiepie, congratulations on your twins Danny and Tommy, and to all your family. I'm sure they will thrive and before you know it you will be saying, now what happened to my tiny babies. Keep safe and well, I am going to go now and get all soppy and teary because newborn babies do that to me, I just want to take them all home. Big hugs and kisses for the moments while your precious treasures are in their cribs.

by ruthie 28 Mar 2008

Yippee, so pleased to hear your fantastic news cutiepie, and a really big welcome to Danny and Tommy. I feel like I know them already, and I'm looking forward to seeing a photo soon. It's been a long few weeks since you first wrote and asked for our thoughts and prayers, sweetie, and it must have seemed like an eternity to you and your DH. And now everything has worked out really well, those beautiful twins will soon be big and strong enough for you to take them home, then Liam can play the *big* brother part! You take care of yourself, cutiepie, and give those twins a hug and kiss from me. Love, hugs and a whole bouquet of flowers for you sweetie.

by gerryvb 28 Mar 2008

what a wonderfull news that the twins are born. Congratulations for you and your whole family, Ihope you all will be very happy together.Even when the little ones are still in the hospital now.and for I hope you and the babies recover fast so you can enjoy them even more!

by tanuja 28 Mar 2008

great news congratulations to u and your family,take care.

by anna25775 28 Mar 2008

oh cutiepie, I'm so happy for you!! I'm glad that thank God you are all fine and wish the little ones to grow fast so they can be with their mommy 24/7. Congratulations, welcome back with us and flowers for you ***

by iris2006 28 Mar 2008

Congratulations cutiepie to you, the babies and your family who looked after you the last weeks. Looking forward to see the photo you promissed. It is like we allready know them by all the post you sended on this pages. Good luck. and 2 flowers foor each of the boys

by wendymay60 28 Mar 2008

Cutiepie, Congratulations to you, your 1st son and your Husband on the safe arrival of your 2 boys I know that you are a paid member of Sick. Who else are you a paid member of? Wendy

by mollymarie 28 Mar 2008

Congratulation to you and your family. This is exciting I have been watching for a couple weeks to see how things were going, Keep well and look forward to seeing you 8 month project

by ezzemml 28 Mar 2008

God does answer prayers .. Congratulations and hope you have your family all together soon. I was able to give you 2 * here one for each of the boys.

by poppet 28 Mar 2008

Hi cutiepie, congratulations!!! The boys sound beautiful. Great that they are breathing indep too. Please do post a pic Im sure we will all be eager to see them. xxxx

by shirlener88 28 Mar 2008

Cutiepie, OH how wonderful - Danny & Tommy are here - with us finally. Our prayers have been answered - please post a picture of them - we would love to see them. We all feel so close to them - now. So happy that you are well enough to be back amongst us - we did miss your smiling face. *4U

shirlener88 by shirlener88 28 Mar 2008

Oh - how sweet - I just saw a pair of twin dolls right next to this post - it was almost like I saw Danny & Tommy. CUTE!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 28 Mar 2008

Cutiepie, when are we going to see those pictures of Danny & Tommy - we are waiting - patiently - sorta! Hehehe!

by raels011 28 Mar 2008

great to hear your news and will pray for them although they are going to be fine * 4U

by cutiepie 28 Mar 2008

They were delivered via C-section because I had already delivered Liam that way and my doctor didn't want to risk tearing the old scar. Danny was born first, and weighed in at 3 lbs. 14 oz. Tommy came second, but not without a fight. He apparently liked his "built-in pool" and it took some tugging to get him to come out. Boy, can I feel the results of that tug-of-war now! He weighed 3 lbs. 6 oz. Both are 15 1/2 inches long. Their lungs were developed well enough that they didn't require ventalators or anything. They just need to gain some weight so that they can maintain their own body heat. They are darling (what else would a mother say?) and I hated to have to leave them behind in the NICU when I was discharged, but I know that is the best place for them to be right now. I take in breast milk for them every day, and get to hold them for about 30 minutes each (then they have to go back into their Isolettes for warmth). I think I will post a picture of them in the project section soon, since they have been my major project for the past 8 months or so. =D

joaniessw by joaniessw 28 Mar 2008

PRAISE THE LORD!! That is sew wonderful. CONGRATULATIONS to Mommy and babies. I am sew excited for you and look forward to the pic of your little ones. A major feat to have lungs developed enough, PTL. Answered prayers for sure on these two little blessings. Thank you sew much for updates. Many beautiful bouquets and hugs for you all. Now you go get some rest.*****'s

shirlener88 by shirlener88 28 Mar 2008

Let's get this back up at the top - so others can see all the post. Hehehe! *4U

lorettag28 by lorettag28 29 Mar 2008

Up to the top with you!