by mommajo 26 Mar 2011

Oh No!!!!!!! My subscription is getting ready to run out I need a sale, lol.


by beatie58 27 Mar 2011

Was mothers day last year. not sure about easter but that would be good my Amazing one has run out.

by mooie24 27 Mar 2011

how do you know wthe end date mine says
extra month added..
so I will renew come next sale lol
big hugs from London
Maria xx

by mranderson 27 Mar 2011

Thank you for the reminder. Just checked mine, it is safe on this site but runs out 24 April on Amazing. I will have to mark that on the calendar. Hope there is an Easter sale. Marg

by ansalu 27 Mar 2011

Take advantage of the last sale but I'm pretty sure easter or mother day will be a good time for a new sale ;o)
Greetings, Bettina

by camylow 27 Mar 2011

I am pretty sure we had one for Mothers Day last year

by camylow 27 Mar 2011

I am pretty sure we had one for Mothers Day last year

by 02kar Moderator 27 Mar 2011

I try to take advantage of most sales so I can keep up. and not worry. And as sewbadly has stated, it is always added on to you present subscription so you never lose time or money.

by lflanders 27 Mar 2011

Me too! I think mine expires on the 11 of next month. Lets keep our fingers crossed for a "sale".

by sewbadly 27 Mar 2011

This does not help you right now...
But, when a sale does come up...
sign up and it is put onto the end of your current subscription.

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lulu07 by lulu07 27 Mar 2011

Thank you for that info, I did not know that

by nhsmith55 26 Mar 2011

Maybe one will come up for Mother's Day! I've never had a membership, but I'm asking for one on the next gift giving occasion.

by fannyfurkin 26 Mar 2011

They do come up from time to time, I would guess Easter would be a good time.