by smithandsmith 25 Mar 2011

I've been digitizing a bunny set for easter and this is what i've came up with so far. In the set there will be a bags, egg covers,napkin rings and a font. The font will be my first and a very simple I hope to have them uploaded to designs by cuties for you in time for Easter.

Hugs Lee


by sewdeb 30 Mar 2011

Lee you're amazing! I love each and every design up come up with! Thanks so very much and keep up the good work - I love being spoiled by you! ;-D Thanks also, Sewmom for all you hard work it getting everything just right for us!

by markus 30 Mar 2011

Lovely thank you

by 580406 30 Mar 2011

Thank you so much for all the GREAT designs you so freely share with us. Regards Nicky

by christracey 30 Mar 2011

Thanks for this great set.

by maryanns66 30 Mar 2011

I just had to come back and say Thank you and Sewmom for sharing your time and work for this adorable set for all of us to enjoy!! The two of you make a great team!!
Big hugs and *4U Both!!

maryanns66 by maryanns66 30 Mar 2011

I forgot to say...What a sweet little yellow vintage bunny in the background!!

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 30 Mar 2011

Thank you, i just love vintage collectables. The bunny slides onto a candle but i just have it sitting on a canister.

by sewmom 29 Mar 2011

Bunny In Cage Egg Cover

by sboo 29 Mar 2011

Thank You, very lovely. Shirlet

by sewmom 29 Mar 2011

Set links.

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sewmom by sewmom 29 Mar 2011

Bunny in cage egg cover

by bejoscha 29 Mar 2011

Very nice! And having complete "sets" of a certain design is always so nice to have. The total is more than the sum of the parts!
The bunny itself reminds me on the very first self-digitized design we made... (It is still as freebie on our homepage for nostaligic reasons. So much to learn at that point! And so many failed version of it as well.)

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 29 Mar 2011

thank you,
i'm still working hard at it. I'd like a new digitizing program one day (when i win the lotery) but i'm having fun.
hugs Lee

by chess 29 Mar 2011

Beautiful work! :) Cute ideas, thank you very much for sharing, you keep us bussy!

by emily16838 29 Mar 2011

Makes me want a chocolate bunny ...can't cute.....I get bumped too and the circle around and around too

by gerryb 28 Mar 2011

You are so talented & we appreciate your sharing it with us! thank you!!

by beckybowman 28 Mar 2011

These are great! Can't wait! Thanks for sharing!

by smithandsmith 28 Mar 2011

Hi cuties, i posted the bunny egg band to designs by cuties. I'll try posting some other designs this week. Thank you for all your wonderful comments.
hugs Lee

by marisabizz 27 Mar 2011


by thocha 27 Mar 2011

Can't wait!

by pldc 26 Mar 2011

This is sew amazing can I come to your house & be a kid for Easter!!!! Please ah come on Please! These are GREAT LEE!! Can't wait to try out the napkin ring too! :~D Loralye**************

by softhearted1 26 Mar 2011

This set is adorable :)

by castelyn 26 Mar 2011

Lee this is very cute. Well done *4u Hugs Yvonne

by maryanns66 26 Mar 2011

Your creative mind is so amazing and so are all your goodies. I love these little chocolate bunnies!!They're so precious and sweet looking!
Great job!!

by keeponsewing 25 Mar 2011

You my dear friend are so creative! Love the bunny napkin ring! Hugs T

by smithandsmith 25 Mar 2011

Thank you cuties, i would love to leave you all a comment but the site has been acting up so much lately. I try to leave a comment and i just watch the circle turn and turn... :) I will try to answer yous.
Hugs Lee

mops by mops 26 Mar 2011

Same happens to me time and again lately. I hardly dare post something for half way through I'm kicked of with a bad gateway comment.

castelyn by castelyn 26 Mar 2011

Same here, that is why I have not been posting much. Hugs Yvonne

pldc by pldc 26 Mar 2011

I hear you all it is rather challenging!

by mops Moderator 25 Mar 2011

It looks adorable. I like the green grassy edge around some of the items. Nice work again!!

by katmug 25 Mar 2011

Awww, Lee-Anne what an amazingly adorable set you have digitized!!! Hope you have an amazing Easter! :)

by oaro 25 Mar 2011

very nice

by dailylaundry 25 Mar 2011

It is adorable, Lee!! You have been busy!!*

by shirlener88 25 Mar 2011

Very nice work Lee. *4U

by gerryvb 25 Mar 2011

lovely set!! great job!

by bumblebee 25 Mar 2011

The bunnies are very cute!

by mysew1325 25 Mar 2011

great job...

by ermaplatt 25 Mar 2011

these are so nice. i am sure your guest will like them.

by knitty46 25 Mar 2011

Love chocolate. They are good enough to eat or put in a basket

by teresanta 25 Mar 2011

Simpatici,molto carini.

by marisabizz 25 Mar 2011


by muflotex 25 Mar 2011

Lee, what a coincedence, I was thinking of grass at the lower edge of your bunny window bag as I stitched it out this afternoon - must have been thinking pretty loud!!! Yes you do spoil us!

by rwalden 25 Mar 2011

That would be wonderful Lee. You spoil us. These projects look great. Can't wait! Thanks so much for being so generous.

by marthie 25 Mar 2011

That will be great. For the first time ever I done your rabbit egg cup holder today and I enjoyed it tremendously

by noah 25 Mar 2011

Wow Lee you been useing your head for more then a hat rack(my Dad always said that to me)and what nice things you have done :):)big hugs carolyn