by jid53 23 Mar 2011

When you down load a design why do some have two pes formats,do I need to download both?


by mysugarfootswife 23 Mar 2011

I download the one that works for me. But then, with Embird, I can always convert.

by sewmom 23 Mar 2011

There is another possibility too. Some designers make layers. You might see a bunch of fill stitches on the part a and then outlines on part b. The designer should tell you if this is the case.

by carolyn70 23 Mar 2011

Sometimes when downloading files, there may be one that is regular, and one that is less dense for embroidering on Satin. But usually it is different hoop sizes.

by anangel 23 Mar 2011

I think you are referring to something like Pes or Pes V3. I have an older Brother machine, so I assume it takes the standard Pes designs. That is what I download. Don't know if I am correct or not! But, they work for my machine. Newer machines may require a different version??

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sewmom by sewmom 23 Mar 2011

I've seen some designers put up to 3 versions of pes in one file and still none of them are lower than 5.6 so I still have to convert. For this example you need to know what version of pes your machine takes. They are constantly updating pes so if you have an older machine and software you may use pes 2.0 or 4.0 etc. Pes now goes up to 9.0 I believe and older machines won't read it. It needs to be converted to the lower version. I use the free Tajima Pulse Ambassador software.

by cclark 23 Mar 2011

I presume you are talking about the Designs by Cuties files. Two PES files usually means 2 different sizes for the same design. Charla

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sewmom by sewmom 23 Mar 2011

Yes, if you are looking at the designs by smithandsmith. The larger PES is usually just a bit larger than 4 inches. The smaller pes fits within the Brother 4x4 hoop.