by mysugarfootswife 23 Mar 2011

Every since my daughter stepped on a tip of a needle and had to have surgery on her big toe I have been so careful with needles and pins and the floor and everywhere else. I worry about putting them in the garbage. Somebody might get stuck. Used to put them in bottles or cans, but have in the last few years found a much safer place. Many years ago I bought a little metal box with a hinged lid at Christmas time. thought I could put a gift card in it. Not. But it sure is great for my bent and broken needles and pins. Also keep a package of new needles in it so I only have to go to one place when changing needles. This little box is like 3 1/4 x 2 1/4 and 1" deep. I guess I've been using it for about 5 years and it's got a lot of metal in it. Heavy, but the sucker is only barely covered on the bottom. I figure it will have to go out with the rest of the trash when I die. BUT at least my daughter won't get stuck cause I have it marked bad needles and pins.


by dilceia 24 Mar 2011

good idea!

by lindalee757 24 Mar 2011

This sits on my sewing table-it's got a 1/4" hole in the center of the top that I just drop the pins & needles in-I also have a 1" pc. of magnetic strip in the bottom of the container.What's great about this, unlike my everyday pins container-it has a screw top lid-so if I accidentally knock it- the pins stay contained-not all over the floor. I also keep the broken off pcs of dull blades from my exacto knife in the container ~linda~

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mysugarfootswife by mysugarfootswife 24 Mar 2011

Love it.

by bikermomfl 24 Mar 2011

guess I'm pretty lucky - no carpet! but I do have one of those retractable magnets you get at the auto store and if I drop pins or needles I can pick em up without all that bending. I don't bend so good anymore! As for disposing I usually will weave a pin or needle in and out of a piece of batting or fabric in my trashcan. No little ones around (thank goodness) but lots of cats.

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lindalee757 by lindalee757 24 Mar 2011

I have one of those magnets too-I love it-save alot of bending-but apparently someone else decided it was neat too-I just went to use mine this morning and it is not where it is supposed to be!! KAITLIN ELIZABETH!!!!!(my 14 yr old that like to "borrow" without asking-she'll be greeted at the door when she gets home from school for sure).
I also have one of those 4" round plastic covered magnetic pin catcher-works great for "pindish spillage" lol

by anangel 23 Mar 2011

I am very cautious when I throw away a bent or broken needle, or handling of straight pins. Carpet will hold a pin at an angle aimed right at the bottom of your foot. Ask me how I know! It hurts!!!

by 02kar Moderator 23 Mar 2011

I keep a magnetic thingy with my machine and run it across the floor to capture any errant pins or needles.

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vickiannette by vickiannette 23 Mar 2011

good idea, but not when you go to get a pin to use as they're all stuck together.

by capoodle 23 Mar 2011


by capoodle 23 Mar 2011

Was taught by my 4-H leader to count the pins. I don't count anymore but will get down right away to hunt down that pin that got away. Like most everyone else an empty pill bottle works well to keep them out of the trash and poking throught the trash bag and your hand. If you have little people around the medicine bottle is harder for them to open.

by sewlikedawn 23 Mar 2011

Very good idea! Thank you for posting this. I worry that my grandaughter will step on a piece of needle.

by noah 23 Mar 2011

Thanks for the pin lesson i to try hard to be careful :):) carolyn

by judybell 23 Mar 2011

I am very careful also. My friend stepped on a needle years ago and had to have surgery. They could not get all the needle out of the bone in her big toe. I always warn anyone that comes into my sewing room they need to have shoes on. Judy

by bevintex 23 Mar 2011

I keep mine in a pill bottle with a child proof screw on cap.

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mommajo by mommajo 23 Mar 2011

Me too, made a small little hole in the lid top so I do not even have to open it. I just push it in.