by mommajo 20 Mar 2011



by katydid 20 Mar 2011

A flower for you. We will have to get you caught up!!

by mysugarfootswife 20 Mar 2011

Heck, I just joined yesterday and I'm up to 310. I DO TALK A LOT! But them everybody who knows me knows that! Do you say Thank you to all the designs and for the things on the freebies? I just gave you a flower. I can share.
And I feel better after reading lani02s post. I said thanks even if I didn't download the design. I'm a southerner and was taught to say thank you for all things given. doesn't matter if you like it or not. It's the polite thing to do.

by mommajo 20 Mar 2011

Blushes... You are right I just have to join in. Thank you to all hugs and flowers for you all.

by lani02 20 Mar 2011

here is another. And don't forget you can gather more flowers when you thank someone for sharing their designs weither you save it or not.

by nanabs 20 Mar 2011

Just gave yo another flower. You'll catch up soon. Hugs

by adavisx3 20 Mar 2011

I just gave you 9 flowers as well. Now you have 908. Have a great day. -- Aileen

by carolyn70 20 Mar 2011

I just gave you 9 flowers, hope you have a great day. Keep chattin' it's fun!! I started here on Cute in January, and I can't wait to get to 1000. My Sunday was great, and hope yours was too.

by mi30kaja 20 Mar 2011

I can't say that I don't talk on here but then I am alone so have no one at home to talk to except my dog and she doesn't answer me. If you are worried about your spelling. My computer has a spell check on it and if I type a word wrong it is underlined in red. Then if I don't know the correct spelling I have a dictionary alongside me. You learn so much from all of the Cuties on here. We spell a few words differently to you in the States. Have a good Day. Lyn

by capoodle 20 Mar 2011

Will enjoy having you join in when ever you can. *4U

by shirlener88 20 Mar 2011

The hard part for us mommajo is - we can't give you a flower - if you are not posting, commenting or sharing a project. We have to see you - to give it to you - they will come - if you are involed - just watch you are at 876 right not - what will you be at - if you comment on posts or projects or ask a question?

by kalinelson 20 Mar 2011

I have dial-up internet (whine whine) so sometimes its so slow that it won't load the my daughter was just here visiting and then my hubby had to be put in the hospital so I had very limited time but I so enjoy spending time here when I can, I find cuties to be very caring here's a flower for you and everyone Sundays been great, hubby is out of the hospital, church was super and we are now watching funny is good.....Gods blessings to you....Janet

nannynorfolk by nannynorfolk 20 Mar 2011

So pleased life is good for you..take care

mommajo by mommajo 20 Mar 2011

I understand dial-up just in the last year I took the plunge and got cable. Glad to hear your husband is home. Blessing to you.

by mranderson 20 Mar 2011

It does take time to get started. There is so much to learn. Just jump in feet first, we were all beginners at one stage. Love Marg

by michele921 20 Mar 2011

I don't talk a lot but I do give flowers all the time. post every so often,it takes me so long to write I end up just earasing it, besides my spelling is the worse but I do try to be more involved some days. think it is a good thing to do. Who else wants to hear about our new ideas and projects we are working on. Who will always give you a great job, well done, it's so beautiful. Who you ask?. A cute of course!!!!! LOL

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 20 Mar 2011

well said *4U

by dixie 20 Mar 2011

I have been here for nearly 4 years and have just gone over 5000 I do talk and give flowers and show off some of my projects but it takes a bit to get the flowers. I do enjoy the site and visit every day and Miss Veronika is such a lovely generous lady I don't mind the flower bit so here is one for you

by hayjude 20 Mar 2011

Hi I dont talk much but I love giving flowers so here is one for you Judy

by hanna56 20 Mar 2011

here is another for a very nice flower-bouquet
God bless you

by kathyjt 20 Mar 2011

Here's another *

by marleymoo 20 Mar 2011

As the others said, we love to talk and hear what others have to say! So come talking again soon!!!

by noah 20 Mar 2011

another flower to make you smile lol carolyn

by nannynorfolk 20 Mar 2011

Hi Mommajo, here's a *4u

by colonies1 20 Mar 2011

i gave you get flowers by giving as well.........hope you get lots now.

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devon by devon 20 Mar 2011

Yes that is true!!

by devon 20 Mar 2011

Have some more flowers, I have gone back and gave all the flowers that I could!!!

by caroldann 20 Mar 2011

Once you start talking here, it's hard to stop. Hope to see you around more. Carol

by catsnhorses 20 Mar 2011

Welcome to the 'talking' side of Cute. :) You really don't even have to be super chatty, just a simple thank you for a free design helps to build your garden. The flowers are just a nice way to show how much you care for everyone else on line. We're glad you're feeling comfortable enough to write more often.

by kttyhwk4 20 Mar 2011

You can also get more flowers by giving flowers to others, in posts, comments and projects. But we do want you to join in the fun of posting so that we can get to know you better. Don't know if you've ever been Welcomed to the Cute family ....WELCOME!!
Glad you're here and hope you enjoy it.

by lilylady 20 Mar 2011

I felt the same way you do. I was here from may to Dec. with only 400 and some, then for the new year started to ask Q's and advice and give a few hints and look what I have now 1256! They grow if you let them. good luck!

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 20 Mar 2011

You said it - they grow if you let them. *4U

by bevintex 20 Mar 2011

Jump in the conversation, start a new topic, tell us what you are embroidering, post a project, make a comment on someone elses comment. Don't be shy and let us get to know you better.

by ramona 20 Mar 2011

I've been on here since 2006 and only last year had the time to start talking and sharing on here. Everyone is so nice and you can learn so much. I really enjoy it and all the projects and ideas are great.

by elizabethak 20 Mar 2011

all you need do is send in a short message - have a happy day! Blessings for today. Or ask advice. show off a project or just BRAG!