by mysugarfootswife 20 Mar 2011

I've been here 2 days. Gee, it seems longer. I've got 233 of your cute little flowers. AND I've collected a ton of free designs. The states in the Designs By Cuties are sew nice. And now she's doing countries! I'm trying to figure what I'll do with them. Quilt? Wall hanging for the GGD room? Would help her learn the states! Because she loves to look at anything I do on the machine. Has a fit when she sees me working on it. Thinks it so funny. Of course, so did I in the beginning. I was totally taken away by the concept and the movement. But now it's almost boring to sit there and watch it work. Cause every time I get up and walk away it messes up. Like it knows I'm gone. I think it really sees me at times leaving! Or maybe it has a little thing that tells it when my warm body isn't there. (And there's a lot of that warm body to miss!)

Anyway, thank you all for the warm welcome. I'm still learning my way around, but getting there.


by judybell 21 Mar 2011

Welcome, I'm sure you will fall in love with all the great Cuties here. They are wonderful to help out when asked. Hugs, Judy

by rmj8939 21 Mar 2011

I am glad you found cutie and enjoy the site as much as most of us do. My machine is a little bit nutsy that way also.

by reggirl 21 Mar 2011

yep!! know the bit of machines knowing you are walking away from them.... it's like there is an extra sensor that can feel the movement of humans around it. Mine can play fine all day long, then as soon as I decide to go make a cuppa, go to the loo, or do some cleaning (when it's on a long colour run), it beeps at me or gets all messed up with the bobbin or fabric, etc.... gremlins even, maybe??? we will never know. just like missing socks... there is no real answer.
May you enjoy yourself here & make helps of friends too.
BTW, I'm from down-under in Aussieland too.

by pennifold 21 Mar 2011

A big Aussie welcome to the best embroidery site in the world and I know you will love it here. By the way, I think all sewing machines have a little hissy fit occasionally. Love and blessings Chris.

P.S. What is your name, where do you live and what sort of sewing machine do you have?

by kiffuri 20 Mar 2011


by bevintex 20 Mar 2011

Hey Newbie, where are you from?

by lindaavolio 20 Mar 2011

My machine seems to know when I walk away too....
Besides a coffee dispenser...I'd like a little refig. and bathroom....just kidding !

by greysewist Moderator 20 Mar 2011

I think maybe someone needs to invent an embroidery machine with a coffee dispenser added! (Instead of these we have with xray vision who watch until we're far enough away..)

by sewlikedawn 20 Mar 2011

I think there is a sewing ghost in my sewing room! LOL! As soom as I leave bam!

by asterixsew Moderator 20 Mar 2011

Yes machines know when we have walked away from them. Glad to hear that you are enjoying your new life here. Perhaps you can co ordinate watching the machine and being here at the same time.

by devon 20 Mar 2011

You are family now!!!

by shirlener88 20 Mar 2011

If you need some help - learning your way around - let us know - we all were new here at one time or the other.

Your machine sounds like mine, too.