by windsong1 20 Mar 2011

My Singer, the piece of junk, finally has bit the dust. I'm not putting any more money into it. And can't afford another machine right now. I feel totally naked without any way to embroidery. But that's life in the slow lane. My husband did say that it looks like I'll have more time for housework. I know he's kidding! But, then, I can't see me on this thing most of the day as I have been lately. What's the use?


by castelyn 20 Mar 2011

So sorry to hear this. I'm sure you will get another , as soon as you can . Hugs Yvonne

by sdrise 20 Mar 2011

If you can't afford a new one go to the dealers. sometimes they have traded in models a lot cheaper. Like I traded in my 6 month old ellegante for a new Ellissimo. Someone got a good deal on my so called old one. Check it out. And you can always put one on lay away. Suzanne

by bevintex 20 Mar 2011

Just wondering, what Singer model was it and how old was it?

by shilly 20 Mar 2011

Maybe you could use the time in between to organize a list of to do projects(with fabrics-this part is sooo time consuming) or find new interesting ones on the sites; we never seem to have enough time to prepare ahead, at least I don't.....

by sewbzy 20 Mar 2011

I had singers for a long time. When I got the first embroidery machine, I went thru $50 worth of needles in 2 days.And the bobbin kept popping out. I took it back and got a Babylock. Best machine I have every had.20 years old and still going. I got a second machine with bigger hoop. I have never had to have repairs on the Babylocks. I just make sure I take them in for regular service.

by asterixsew Moderator 20 Mar 2011

I hope that there is some way that you will get a new machine very soon, being without is very hard

by shirlener88 20 Mar 2011

Oh don't go away - there were a couple years that I didn't have a machine - but I bought/downloaded designs for the day that I would have one again - I stayed involved in the embroidery world - so I didn't loose a beat - when I got another machine. Someone might share a way for you to enjoy something else, too.

by marleymoo 20 Mar 2011

sorry to hear about your machine, keep an eye out maybe you could afford a second hand one?

by anangel 20 Mar 2011

So sorry! I feel your frustrations, but do not give up on something you enjoy. "Where there is a will, there is a way!" This is a saying I live by!
When you have saved enough to consider buying another, try a Brother machine. I love mine. Bought it online several years ago and have never had any major problem in all this time, along with never having any service or maintenance, other than me keeping it clean and dusted! Check out They are very reputable and have new, used and gently loved sewing and embroidery machines at reasonable prices. Not affiliated; just a satisfied customer!
The Brother machines have a workhorse reputation and user friendly. I attest to this, as I taught myself from its manual and it stitches beautifully.
Cheer up! Life is great, even in the "slow lane"!