by mopec 16 Mar 2011

I have a membership, but when I want to find a design, I have no quick way to search. I have been all over the site trying to find out. Would someone please explain the working of this site? Thank You!


by mopec 18 Mar 2011

Thanks to you who have responded. At least it is good to know that I am not the only one having the problem. That is probably the one thing that keeps me from using this site more. This was a first time 6 month membership for me. I do love seeing cuties' projects and comments. Thanks again. Phyllis

by sewmom 16 Mar 2011

All tags has never worked. I have requested it to the site owner but has not been done.

The Cuties have been working on a catalog for Designs By Cuties area. Use the search engine on the left and put in "catalog". The designs by the site owner are in categories on the top blue bars and that's all the organization except for the tags that work. You could try the Google custom search on the right. It has been helpful for me once in a while. You can also ask Cuties for help.

by ladyboo 16 Mar 2011

I just struggle through the pages on Cuties. And love to go through the ones on the main site.

by pennifold 16 Mar 2011

I don't believe there is one on here. I know that a few Cuties have kindly given up their time and put a lot of designs by Cuties under headings. If you go back quite a few pages you will see them. I highlight the little "tick" next to the post and that way I can find them when I click on "marked" posts in the Community page.

The only way I can find a design is to click on all the tabs at the top of this page eg. Designs, Redwork, Alphabets, Lace, Applique and Cross-stitch and look through all the designs.

I too wish there was an easier way to locate designs - maybe if we all ask Veronika she may be able to sort something out.

Love and blessings Chris

P.S. Welcome to this great site if I haven't done so.

by abbie 16 Mar 2011

I never found a "search" feature either which would make this site more user friendly. abbie