by lr2008 25 Mar 2008

I am back from Maine..the fair was awesome..if you are interested..


by letvia 26 Mar 2008

Your description from your trip made me dream about to be there with you jajaja, and it was fun too, I am glad you enjoy your trip. Flower and XoXo

by shirlener88 25 Mar 2008

Brenda, what a wonderful trip you had, except for the weather. I know that the way that you described everything that is was exciting and what an adventure you had. It is so amazing that you also was able to purchase a brand new machine for such a little amount of money. Now you can teach me how to use my Mother's - which I can't even figure out - one bit. I think it is just so wonderful that you were able to sell your items for such a great prize. I don't remember seeing the hummingbird quilt - do you have that in the projects? I love that you could have taken order - had you wanted to do so. I think it is just great that you have to go to the bank - that would be fun to be going to put money in. Hehehe! Thank you so much for sharing about your trip - I love it. *4U

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 26 Mar 2008

Great price - not prize!

by ruthie 25 Mar 2008

Wow, that was some trip lr, so pleased for you. Hugs and a flower sweetie.

by dlonnahawkins 25 Mar 2008

This was quite amazing - I have never been to anything like that, but would love it. Thanks for sharng your experience.

by clawton 25 Mar 2008

Sounds like you had a great time and a profitable one at that. I couldn't help but get excited while just reading about your experience. You certainly did make a great find on the Designer I.

by jrob Moderator 25 Mar 2008

Glad that your trip was a success, Brenda. Sounds like you got a great deal. :)

by persiancatlover 25 Mar 2008

hello brenda,i see that you have enjoyd you on your trip,what a beautiful story that you share with everyone ,we dont have things like that here in belgium,i looks like realy fun and inspiration to go on seeing that,good luck with your new machine now you can make alot more beautiful quilts

by katydid 25 Mar 2008

I don't know where you live, but us Southern people would freeze in Maine for sure. Since you had so much fun, you managed to endure the cold. Sounded like a gigantic flea market. Did you have to pay an entry fee to participate? How nice to come home with extra money and that bargain find machine.

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lr2008 by lr2008 25 Mar 2008

I didnt have to pay because i went with someone was their project we just tagged alone..I went because she wanted to see all of my

by lr2008 25 Mar 2008

I went to the fair at my friends in Bangor Maine..It turned out to be a fair put on by the woments auxilary group in her home town of Frankfurt. It was a two day fair and they kept track of how many people 1788 people attended in what I would call ARTIC TEMPERATURES!! it was just bitter cold but people were dressed in layers and happy to be there..There were some awesome project ideas which I happy keep in my head for later dates..I managed to sell my hummingbird quilt for 1500.00 and my Beatrix Potter baby quilt for 485.00 once two women got finished fighting over it. I sold every single piece I took. Now I have no projects left. So I am starting over. There were alot of quilts mostly..some pillows and tons of wall hangings..alot of doll projects and many many projects that children had made.. People were sewing on every kind of sewing machine you could think of but what we didnt know what that you were supose to display the machine you did your projects on..we didnt bring ours because we didnt know..but it didnt really matter..we just posted a sign and I downloaded a picture of my machine from home and printed it out..we called it the virtual machine..!
The people were semi-friendly..very pushy and very demanding..alot of people wanted to place orders for items but I dont do that..I could have sold at least 6 of the beatrix potter quilts but its too much work to get dedicated to when I dont feel good so often..I was happy to sell everything I took and some home with a very nice cash purse as did the other two I went with. The fabric lines were of every type and many beautiful fabrics I have never seen..I saw alot of applique work done in suade and velvet which was quite amazing..applique on velvet is quite beautiful.There was alot of very different applications of applique work using flowered fabrics with hummingbirds and other things making designs. There was one king size quilt made by an 80 year old lady that looked like a stain glass window from a church..IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. it looked like you could just hang it up in the window..just amazing..
There was a twin quilt made by a 6 year old little girl which won the childrens division of entries and it was all done in 1 1/2 inch squares that made a ocean scene..It was just amazing..and so beautiful..she had cut out different little sea creatures and placed them around the quilt so it looked like the were on the ocean floor..It really was very very AWESOME.. A little boy 14 made a stuffed tractor that was 4 feet long and stood almost 5 feet high..It was all done in pieces and had wheels that looked just like tires and a steering wheel exhaust pipe where he covered a wrapping paper roll with aluminum foil then covered it with fabric and stuffed it with had headlights he worked almost 6 months on it..just absolutely was stuffed with almost 500 lbs of batting..! there were many beautiful hand made dolls. Alot of programs for sale. I picked up a Husqvarna Viking designer 1 embroidery machine, in the box brand new that the lady had never even taken out of the box..her sister had bought it and passed away..It was worth 7000.00. I bought it for 1000.00 ! That was my big find on the last day..I traded her my last project and the cash..she said she was happy to just give it to someone who would use it..Well she sure made me happy because there is no way I could have bought that anywhere for that price..Now I have three of them since I just bought one a few days ago that had belonged to a friend who was my big find for the weekend.. Anyway I can home with an empty bunch of plastic tubs, frozen to the bone and I have a full wallet..Im off to the bank this afternoon..And it was a nice chilling weekend..

mad14kt by mad14kt 25 Mar 2008

You make me excited and I didn't even go. Happy that you arrived there and home safely. You was BLESSED with money and a NEW machine. Now, that's a success story ;)

lr2008 by lr2008 25 Mar 2008

thank was alot of fun..just wish I had gotting this machine before I got the other machine last week..heee heee. but that is just more embroidery time I guess..

shirlener88 by shirlener88 25 Mar 2008

Wow, I am so amazed at all that you were able to remember and share. Thank you Brenda. What a blessing. *4u