by marleymoo 15 Mar 2011

that I loved and admire for years upon years. I am so happy to take care of it for Sheila (my Aunt), she also had a great love for sewing, needlepoint and painting.

I'd love to be able to tell her that I will treasure it so much and think of her when ever I look at it and that I love it as much now as I did the first day I saw it and to say a massive thank you to her for entrusting it to me.
I will post a pic of it soon


by juanitadenney 16 Mar 2011

Marley, so sorry for your loss but your Aunt knew that you would treasure and take good care of her old sewing machine so she wanted you to have it.

by castelyn 16 Mar 2011

Marley so sorry to hear of your loss.
Aunt Sheila, knew that you will treasure this,
that is why she left it for you.
Enjoy all the happy Memories.

Hugs Yvonne

by meganne 16 Mar 2011

So sorry to hear about your Aunt but please know you will always have her near you.
Favourite Aunts tend to become Guardian Angels, so if you believe, you will 'know' when she is nearby and you will be able to share your feelings with her.
Hugs and blessings, Meganne

by leenova54 16 Mar 2011

I am sorry for your loss and I am sure that she knows her loved machine will be in your hands and treasured. I wish you many years of stitching on it and I know you will have wonderful memories every time you sit down in front of it.

by airyfairy 15 Mar 2011

How wonderful for you to take over this very special treasure. I am sure your aunt knew that you would take care of it. Enjoy

by capoodle 15 Mar 2011

You just thanked her in your own way by chatting with us cuties. She knew how much you would appreciate her treadle sewing machine so it was gifted to you from her heart. Good memories to remember on such a sad day.

by lbrow 15 Mar 2011

Marley, your aunt & her memory will always be with you. You will think of her everytime you look at your legacy from her & I imagine in you she saw herself as a young girl with your love of sewing & embroidery./Lillian

by wendymay60 15 Mar 2011

Marley, your Aunt will be sitting right with you when you sew or clean her machine you just nead to feel her talking to you as she will. So when you feel her near tell her everything you want her to hear you say. I'm glad she had a good long life.
Do you have the cover (doily) your aunt put on her machine?

by free3wil 15 Mar 2011

My heart goes out to you and your family for your loss. I know how you feel about the machine. My grandmother gave me hers as she was breaking up house keeping. I actually learned how to sew on it. I wish I had a nickle for every stitch or, even every garment I made on that baby. I still have it and use it to make buttonholes. I have the attachment for buttonholes and still have the receipt as to when it was purchased in 1942! Makes better buttonholes than any electric machine I have ever seen. Enjoy your wonderful memories of your aunt every time you pull out the machine, and, do use it. You will enjoy it and your memories will flood you each time you use it. Keep it safe for her and when it is your time, find someone who will do the same! Again, my condolences to you and your family!

by nhsmith55 15 Mar 2011

I'm sorry to hear of your Aunt's passing. You have my sincere sympathy. When my husband's aunt had Alzehimers, her husband gave me her beautiful old black treadle Singer! It is one of my favorite peices of furniture.

by pldc 15 Mar 2011

I holeheartly agree with jrob! I am sorry for your loss!Your Aunt obviously loved you & realized you were the right person to get this machine & I'm sure she know's that you will treasure it & that's exactly why you are to receive it!

by jrob Moderator 15 Mar 2011

I'm so sorry for your loss, but I know your aunt already knew that you would love and cherish her machine, else she wouldn't have left it to you. I'm sure it was a treasure to her as it will be to you.;)

by shirlener88 15 Mar 2011

Marley, I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure you will thank your Aunt by the way you care for her treasured machine.

by designcrazy 15 Mar 2011

Marley, how nice of her to leave her sewing machine to you. I know you will treasure it and think of her each time you look at it. I'm sorry for your lose. I also lose a G-Aunt, will attend her funeral Thursday.

by marleymoo 15 Mar 2011

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Its been a tough few days, sorry about all the typos in my original post

by moyed 15 Mar 2011

What a wonderful gift of love. I am sure your Aunt will be with you always and hear you as you speak of her.
hugs & blessings

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marleymoo by marleymoo 15 Mar 2011

Thank You Moyed

by shop 15 Mar 2011

My grandmother long gone for 15 years left me her old Singer Machine in a wooden carrying case. I don't use it now but I will always remember when I look at it that she was the one who opened my eyes to all types of needlework as a little girl and I learned to sew on that old black Singer. Cherish it because it will give you wonderful memories everytime you see it.

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marleymoo by marleymoo 15 Mar 2011

Thank you Shop, you sound a bit like me! I will cherish it so much alright

by lilylady 15 Mar 2011

You made me cry. Aren't treasures wonderful. She'll know you love it everytime you use it or dust it.

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marleymoo by marleymoo 15 Mar 2011

Ive done a lot of crying myself today, thank you for your kind words

by piebaldbully 15 Mar 2011

ah.... that is nice she left you something that meant alot to you both... don't worry she will be looking down on you while you cherish your machine.. Bring tears to my eyes now.. Wendi

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marleymoo by marleymoo 15 Mar 2011

Thank you Wendi for taking the time to write such kind words

by asterixsew Moderator 15 Mar 2011

Enjoy your new machine and think of your aunt and the fun she must have had using it. Quite a contrast to your embroidery machine

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marleymoo by marleymoo 15 Mar 2011

Yes a big contrast and you are correct, I bet she had loads of fun on it, thank you

by sewmom 15 Mar 2011

I'm sorry for your loss but it will certainly be a treasure for you to use her old machine. It will bring happy memories I hope.

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marleymoo by marleymoo 15 Mar 2011

Thank you Sewmom and for the wonderful image you added, so sweet