by smithandsmith 11 Mar 2011

I'm still playing with This one is done in the hoop. I used buttons for eyes, with a white pin in the middle of them. I used blacks pins for the antennas. If you don't have black pins, just use a black marker and colour them black. I'll post it to cute soon for those who would like to make one.

Hugs Lee


by markus 13 Mar 2011

Very Cute!

by sewmom 13 Mar 2011

Here is the link to the design.

by smithandsmith 12 Mar 2011

Thank you cuties for all the nice comments, i have posted the pincushion to designs by cuties for yous.
hugs Lee

by claudenicolas 12 Mar 2011

I love your pincushion, the ladybugs is so cute

by donnalou 12 Mar 2011

Very cute, you are very creative with the ith projects. I enjoy seeing what you will come up with next.

by judybell 12 Mar 2011

Very cute.

by sewmom 12 Mar 2011

Cute little bow and button eyes too. A little acupuncture anyone? Just kidding.

by rmj8939 12 Mar 2011

How cute.

by pennifold 11 Mar 2011

Lee this is so adorable. I just love ladybugs - they are so cute! Love Chris

by stork 11 Mar 2011

Oh my she sure is cute! I will be anxiously waiting for this. Would love to make one for 6 yr old GD, she started to sew with me last year and is planning on making a sundress through the 4-H Cloverbud program. This would be wonderful for her and then I could personalize a sewing box/kit for her too! Wow, you have the wheels turning now. Beautiful job on your designs. Have you thought about a cow??? Just a thought.

by tippi 11 Mar 2011

Love you lady bug pincushions. Will be looking for it. Thank you. You are very kind to post for us.

by katydid 11 Mar 2011

Great item for craft fair!!!

by bumblebee 11 Mar 2011

Very Sweet!

by sukiray 11 Mar 2011

It is so adorable. You do beautiful work. Thank you for sharing. Rachel

by katmug 11 Mar 2011

Lee-Anne It is absolutely adorable!!! :) HOW CUTE!!! Don't know anyone who doesn't love lady beetles!

by shuede 11 Mar 2011

Sweet little ladybug!

by mi30kaja 11 Mar 2011

As you might have guessed by now, I collect pincushions. I would love to add this one to my collection. Lyn

by stickmuster 11 Mar 2011

great work Lee, is very pretty and sooo fun ********

by airyfairy 11 Mar 2011

Too cute!!

by milas 11 Mar 2011


by pldc 11 Mar 2011

does your brain ever stop! wow you are sew very CREATIVE! VERY INSPIRING!!!!! :) &*4U Hugs Loralye

1 comment
smithandsmith by smithandsmith 11 Mar 2011

LOL, thank you Loralye
I have a list and it never stops growing. I think i need HELP! hehehe
Thank you cuties for all the nice comments :)

by joanne8125 11 Mar 2011

I love your ideas and I love the idea that you are willing to share with us that are less creative. Thank you

by mariahail 11 Mar 2011

Love lady bugs!!!! and the pincushion idea is great****thanks.

by patsy28 11 Mar 2011

I'm loving your take on pincuhions! This is adorable. Looking forward to the cute post. Thanks so much for sharing!

by sewdeb 11 Mar 2011

Oh Lee, This is so so cute!!!! I love it!!! You're so creative! I'm looking forward to your posting of the design. Thanks so much for sharing! *

by kkcogle 11 Mar 2011

she is very lovely, Lee! great job!!

by marisabizz 11 Mar 2011

Molto bella!!!!

by muflotex 11 Mar 2011

Pin cute, bugs me how you come up with so cute ideas.

by asterixsew Moderator 11 Mar 2011

This is lovely

by noah 11 Mar 2011

now hes a real cutie lol carolyn

by cj2sew 11 Mar 2011

Almost to cute to stick pins into. cj

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sewdeb by sewdeb 11 Mar 2011

I was thinking the same thing!

by shirlener88 11 Mar 2011

This is very cute Lee. *4U

by rwalden 11 Mar 2011

You have such a creative mind. This is adorable. I've got two birthdays coming up soon and these would be cute gifts.

by edithfarminer 11 Mar 2011

Soooooooo cute, very clever