by marleymoo 11 Mar 2011

affected and whoes lives have changed beyond believe after what happened. Please God I ask no more, please no more disasters


by sewdeb 11 Mar 2011

It does seem to be one disaster right after another. I'll continue to pray for all those affected.

by mary51 11 Mar 2011

This is a terrible news, I wonder if someone knows how is Yoriko's family?

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marleymoo by marleymoo 11 Mar 2011

Yoriko posted to say all is ok with her ... Thank God

by airyfairy 11 Mar 2011

I am also watching - just too terrible. Those poor people.

by lightbag 11 Mar 2011

Your correct, it is truly horrible, I offer my prayers also to everyone

by judybell 11 Mar 2011

I have lifted up all those who are in Japan also this morning. Thanks for sharing with us Cuties.
Hugs, Judy