by marleymoo 09 Mar 2011

Free would be great but I dont mind paying either!

Thanks So much
Marley! :)


by hightechgrammy 10 Mar 2011

Oh Marley! I will LOVE to hear the sound of Thunder again! Will it ever come??? Rain, Rain come today!!! We still have 3 feet of snow on the ground and every downstairs window the snow is high. Please send your rain this way to the Rocky Mountains!
I bet you have green in Ireland, don't you!
Top of the Morning to you!
Jan in Colorado, USa

by jasanne 09 Mar 2011

I see Pennifold has suggested Windstar, she has some beautiful designs.
My other favourites is Embroidery Library
Others are:
Anna Bove Embroidery.
Pattis Creative Studio (at either Stitchery Mall or Oregon Patchwork) has a lovely set of crosses.
Sonia Showalter at Stitchery Mall has some designs that are suitable too.

by pennifold 09 Mar 2011

Hi Marley,

Windstar Embroidery has lovely Christian designs. Check out all of the designs on there. Love Chris

by Simplesewer1 09 Mar 2011

Skilldalehouse has some great designs sorry dont know how to link or give them .

by sewmom 09 Mar 2011

Here is a post from another Cutie that asked a similar question. It has lots of links.

by sewmom 09 Mar 2011

Check From the Needle of Anne too.

by ramona 09 Mar 2011

And you can look around for more.

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sewmom by sewmom 09 Mar 2011

Very pretty.

by marleymoo 09 Mar 2011


by bobbies41 09 Mar 2011

Martha Pullen is the Queen of christening gown designs.....Don't know her web address but you can Google it.


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marleymoo by marleymoo 09 Mar 2011

thanks bobbie!!! will google right now!