by abbie 06 Mar 2011

design that I just loaded. I will completely erase or reformat the disk and try loading the design again but often the same thing happens. This seems to occur most frequently if I am cutting and pasting several designs together. Any ideas on what could be causing these phantom designs?


by rachap 06 Mar 2011

It has been awhile since I had my D1 but I seem to remember being told to put the disc in the machine, transfer the design to the machine screen and then take the disc out-something about the disc getting too hot if you leave it in all the while you are embroidering. Hope this makes sense,maybe a HqusvarnaViking dealer could explain it better.

by mops Moderator 06 Mar 2011

I've never had this problem (I use 3D Pro) and have no idea why that should happen. Have you tried using a new disk? After a while they no longer work as they should, although I mostly get a 'disk not recognised' or a 'no disk' message with old disks. Sorry I can't be of help.