by virginia45 22 Mar 2008

I just joined cute embroidery and I love the alphabet but how do you download a set at one time I am doing it letter at a time.

Thanks Virginia


by pafhen 22 Mar 2008

Welcome Virginia, You will love it here as they have already answered the ?. Flowers await you and here is mine to U

by tmbache 22 Mar 2008

Thats it dear, one letter at a time. Spring tulips and warm hugs

by shirlener88 22 Mar 2008

virginia45, welcome to the "CUTE" family - we are so happy that you joined us. You have your answer to your question, one at a time - is how we all do it. Please feel free to ask questions and post answers to questions and we love to view projects - please post some for us. But most of all we enjoy giving and receiving wonderful comments and flowers to all. Hehehe! Enjoy. *4u

by jrob Moderator 22 Mar 2008

Welcome, I have been waiting with this flower for you! We don't have the capability to download the entire alphabet at once, mostly because of it being given away free on different days. It just seems like a long time, but you will have it before you know it. ;)

by raels011 22 Mar 2008

Glad you have joined. It is only possible to download one design at a time. * 4 U