by simplyrosie 04 Mar 2011

March 4, 2011 - How many of our quilters use the Electronic Quilting software? I'm interested in buying version 7, but wanted to see if there was a huge learning curve. Thanks! teri


by obaachan 09 Mar 2011

OH.. Sorry I could not give in site in to EQ7..BUT I like EQ5 !!

by obaachan 09 Mar 2011

Ok.. here they are.. I hope ! hehehe

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by obaachan 09 Mar 2011

I have EQ5 and I use it a LOT ! I'd say GO FOR IT !! hehehe... I love that you can scan your fabric in to it and actually see your quilt with your fabric!<br />Jo

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obaachan by obaachan 09 Mar 2011

Gonna try and up load pics of the 2 queen size quilts I made using EQ5..

by piebaldbully 05 Mar 2011

I don't have it but I can say I really want it bad. I have seen many very nice quilts done with the is program and have heard really nice things too... Wendi

by ramona 05 Mar 2011

I still have the EQ5 version and use it all the time. Would love to upgrade to the 7. Get it and enjoy it!

by alexgrandma 04 Mar 2011

Love IT!!! I don't have the latest version. When DH got a new computer he did not put it back on but it is Great. I don't or didn't quilt that much but when I needed to put a quilt together it was real easy. It gave me the fabric amounts for every fabric color. It also would put in the fabric or you can scan fabric to put it in. It was easy to send the DS in New York for approval. In the middle of a quilt right now. This new quilt with out it is a pain. My DH will have to put it back on his new computer for my next quilt!

by kttyhwk4 04 Mar 2011

Teri, I'm sure I would like it if I ever get the time to sit down and figure it all out...the instructions look simple enough...just need to get the extra time.

by bevgrift 04 Mar 2011

I would very much love to have this program.
I could then scan the fabic I want and see my quilt.
At the moment I want to paper piece a quilt but I want huge blocks that are 10" , This does not fit A4 paper so I am using freezer/baking paper to hand draw the blocks.
Then after stitching some blocks.Is the fabric choices going to be okay? A lot of work could be saved if I knew how it would look with this fab program.
It is on my wish list.LOL
From Bev

kttyhwk4 by kttyhwk4 04 Mar 2011

Wish I could loan you mine...hubby bought it for me and I've never done anything with it yet.

bevgrift by bevgrift 04 Mar 2011

Please do give it a try. You can test it on smaller items like pillows or placemats.Then you are going to love it.You can design your own blocks and then print out the templates for accurate cutting . Paper piecing is very easy as you don't have to cut exact,just stitch on the printed lines.

by shirlener88 04 Mar 2011

I am looking forward to your responses. This might keep the question to the top for them to see. *4U

by quiltgrama 04 Mar 2011

Sorry Terri do not know much about it but I will leave you a flower and hope some one else may hep you Hugs Lisa