by gayle950 03 Mar 2011

appreciated. Thanks



by almag 04 Mar 2011

How about the latest idea - Biscornus.

Martine - mops - gave us a beautiful design in DBC today and they would take very little time to make.
You could personalise them with some lettering on the back, like 'To .... from Gayle', or with their initials.

Just an idea but pin cushions are ever useful.


by airyfairy 04 Mar 2011

I find that people just love things with their names on - whatever you decide to make. Have a great time with your school friends.

by marcellelewis 04 Mar 2011

You can purchase some inexpensive tote bags at craft or sewing shops and put their initial on them. I have found they are a big hit as gifts. I mainly just use the person's first name initial so it is more personal.


by gayle950 03 Mar 2011

Thanks for all the great ideas. One more problem, I now have to decide what to make out of all these wonderful ideas. Thanks again

by rachap 03 Mar 2011

You are going to be busy with all of the wonderful ideas. I think I would make some in the hoop change purses with each ones initial emb on it

by moyed 03 Mar 2011

Gayle, I am sure whatever you choose will be appreciated by your friends. Have a great day. hugs. Helen

by devon 03 Mar 2011

You could put there name on a towel to keep in the car. Most people love that.

by emily16838 03 Mar 2011

Oh thanks for asking I got some ideas for gifts too. I plan to make pin cushions for all my friends. Then they can think of me. Everyone can use a pin cushion...even if they don't can put safety pin or just a needle and thread for a button.

by lcoste 03 Mar 2011

How about a kitchen towel to hang on the stove handle

by windsong1 03 Mar 2011

How about a nice tissue thingie. I got one off the Cuties Designs a while ago. Nice for your purse.

by dlonnahawkins 03 Mar 2011

You hve some excellent ideas passed out here - and I bet any of them would do just great.

by lique 03 Mar 2011

I have just made some in the hoop coasters. All my friends have put orders in as they like them so much. Have a good time!

by gerryvb 03 Mar 2011

I would suggest a key ring with their initial( for instance a FSL letter, look in DBC) or a little FSL angel ( as a guardian angel)Hope you have a lovely reunion!

by lbrow 03 Mar 2011

How about Fridge magnates?/Lillian

lbrow by lbrow 03 Mar 2011

wow I had better watch my spelling. Can't believe I did this magnets should have been spelled this way.

pennifold by pennifold 03 Mar 2011

Oh! I don't know Lillian, I rather think having a Magnate in the family would be nice LOL!!!!! Love Chris

by gramaj 03 Mar 2011

I love to embroidery on hankies & give them away..they love them♥

by anangel 03 Mar 2011

I think a small embroidered bag to hold scents (popourri), such as cinnamon, lavender, etc., tied with a pretty ribbon, would make a nice small gift. A small bag personalized and filled with sweet smelling soaps is a wonderful gift. Wrap in tissue, place in small gift box. Such a pleasant fragrance when opened!

by laffma1 03 Mar 2011

All great ideas. Here are a couple more - USB/Thumb Drive/chapstick holder as a key fob, monogramed cloth hankies. Or instead of monograms, you could use a design that would remind them of the Friendship you all share. If they are wine drinkers, you could make little charms for their wine glasses. The possibilities are endless, aren't they?! Good luck, and please show us what you finally decide to do. Thanks.

by becky45 03 Mar 2011

If you make fsl earrings. The Easter set sews out beautifully or you could do one of the FC Doilies or any fsl that could be hung in their kitchen window. You've got a lot to choose from.
Cutes has some extremely talented folks.
Have a good time!

by sewmom 03 Mar 2011

The ideas suggested are great. Key chain, tissue holder, kitchen towel, all ideas that anybody could use. For younger kids my kids also like the bookmark idea and personalized pillows.

by 02kar Moderator 03 Mar 2011

You already have some great ideas, and I hope you have a wonderful reunion with old friends.

by pennifold 03 Mar 2011

I am not sure if they wear glasses or not, but glass cases are great. I agree with Sue too about the tissue case. Also what about an FSL Angel, or Christmas decoration for their tree, that is assuming they believe in Christmas. You could also make applique flowers and put magnets behind them and they could be used on their fridge to hold things etc. I personally love little tea towels with designs on them, or even hand towels for your bathrooms. Maybe even something from your old schooldays. Or how about a cheque book holder or credit card holder?

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

Love and blessings Chris

by muflotex 03 Mar 2011

How about some covers for "kleenex" paper hankies to put in your handbag. Or some key forbs with their initials.
Hope you find a good idea that fits in to your time plans.
regards Sue