by lr2008 19 Mar 2008

if you would like to see a couple of the dresses I have made you can visit my webpage at: there are two pages, just click the next button..


by shirlener88 19 Mar 2008

There are gorgeous. Wonderful work as always. *4U

by dkjack 19 Mar 2008

Can't think of a better word for beautiful. You are very talented. Thank you so much for sharing pictures showing us your dresses.

by stickmuster 19 Mar 2008

I visited its side straight. Fantastically beautiful dresses are which you sewing! One finds those in no purchase shop! With such beautiful dresses feels real one like a kleíne Princessin! They are a genius! Do you have perhaps a pattern of dresses? It would interest me much! I have already few sew - attempts started however failed again and again. I need size 134/140 (Euraepaei measure). My niece is soon 7 years old and moved after beautiful dresses. Please, ask! It would make me happy much if it me an answer would send! My E-Mail address: - love of greetings and many flowers for it Hilde from Nürnberg