by cathiejones 26 Feb 2011

I recently did some translation english to french and I was well paid for it. I decided to treat myself and I purchased 2 CD from OregonPatchwork to do some digitizing lessons. I was very exited about it.

I followed all the free lessons of Bill at (fantastic website ! )

I thought those 2CDs will be a Plus !

I paid threw Paypal and received a link to a download page.
When I opened it via my e-mail adress I had ERROR... straight away. This was last weneday 23rd/02.

I have send 3 e-mail to their support and I still don't hear from them.
What should I do ?
Did it happen to any of you ?
Have you purchase any thing from their site before ?

Thank you for your answers
Cathie Jones


by cathiejones 27 Feb 2011

I finally got an answer after 4 e-mails.

If it happen to you make sure you add in the title the words
PENDING ORDER-(the date of order)-(invoice ID number)
When you are not a native of a language(I am French) you miss words.
They didn't answer to my e-mail just because I didn't add in the titlle PENDING ORDER (I gave the order number and the date !).
Well I suppose it is that because as soon as I send my 4th e-mail I got a response straightaway to say there was a confusion.
Their system send me a response to download where in fact the order will come on the Cd threw the post !!

I just have to be patient now !

And be patient too to see my first work of digitizer !!!!!!

Love Cathie J.

by mi30kaja 26 Feb 2011

I find this a little strange. If I have ever had a problem I have contacted them and received an answer. Have you looked in your address that your paypal goes through. Mine goes through my hotmail address. Lyn

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cathiejones by cathiejones 27 Feb 2011

Me too I am surprised not to get an answer to any of my e-mail, not even an aknoledgement. I gave all the information they ask when you ask a question.
I'll keep trying. Thank you Lyn.

by quilter124 26 Feb 2011

Espérons que d'ici lundi, vous obtiendrez une réponse car ils peuvent avoir de nombreux courriels de répondre. S'ils ne le font pas je voulais écrire un autre e-mail et l'envoyer à nouveau. Certains sites sont très rapides, certains ne sont pas rapides pour répondre aux e-mail .... n'abandonnez pas.

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cathiejones by cathiejones 27 Feb 2011


by devon 26 Feb 2011

Sorry that you had a bad time with this. I can't help but maybe someone can. DeVon

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cathiejones by cathiejones 26 Feb 2011

Thank you