by nglover1 17 Mar 2008

This is not a good picture but the only one I have. ( my avatar )I have my fabric in plastic drawered cabinets by color and fat quarters by color in smaller plastic drawers by colors . My weakness (besides embroidery, sewing , quilting, ) is finding all kind of plastic drawers. HA HA HA


by lr2008 18 Mar 2008

neat, so organized..I see a beautiful project in the making!! Very for all

by maryjo 17 Mar 2008

This room is just too neat and organized. Admit it one or more of those drawers is empty so you can quickly stash the mess if somebody drops by. I squish everything in the closet when I have surprise visitors.

nglover1 by nglover1 17 Mar 2008

maryjo, This was on a good day. and the picture is a year old . I have mess like everyone else. just didn't have a picture on that day.

nglover1 by nglover1 17 Mar 2008

Oh , No drawers are empty with all the fabric I have HAHAHA