by gayle950 20 Feb 2011

Has anybody stitched out the black panther designs in designs by cuties. I have only one T shirt and won't get any more till I go to town. So I don't want to mess it up as it is for a present.


by caroldann 20 Feb 2011

Please do a test stitch. I just dl it and several parts are missing. I deleted it. Go back and read some of the comments in dbc. Good luck.

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gayle950 by gayle950 20 Feb 2011

I read the comments and thought I would ask to make sure before I wasted time and cotton. I don't think I will bother doing a test stitch. Thanks gayle

by nonna57 20 Feb 2011

gayle test stich it first, I did read that a cutie did sew it out and they were a bit dissapointed with it. Hope to hear how you go :)

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gayle950 by gayle950 20 Feb 2011

Thanks for your answer, I won't bother doing a test stitch, I did read the comments but just wanted to double check.
Thanks Gayle