by cutiepie 16 Mar 2008

Hi, everyone. Just checking in. Everything seems to be going well now, but I am now on bedrest so I probably won't be around much for a while. Take care, and I'll check in when I can.


by prampelb 18 Mar 2008

Take care of yourself and the future twins. I wish you all the very Best!

by freida 18 Mar 2008

Thanks for the update. Take care of those sausages, I know they are miserable, but it is all for a worthy cause. In a few weeks you will return to nearly normal and all this will just be faint memories. Look to the future, forget the past and relish all the folks pampering you. Liam will look like such a big boy when the babies come. It is like he'll change overnight. Love ya, God Bless

by tmjanecek 18 Mar 2008

I am glad to hear that your boys are doing better... The longer you can keep them in, the better. I wish you the best of luck!

by gerryvb 18 Mar 2008

so good to read that everything is going well, so keep the bedrest, and don't feel guilty. let everyone else take care of the household and let them spoil you,you deserve that.So enjoy now your pregnancy.w're thinking of you and your babies.greetings.

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tmjanecek by tmjanecek 18 Mar 2008

I guess you can think of it this way: Your job is to keep those little ones in. So, please don't feel guilty about the house being messy.

by katydid 18 Mar 2008

Sounds like you are being well taken care of. Actually, 30 years ago, I also was confined to bed rest after I hurt my back. I was only allowed to get up to go to the bathroom. After several days past and I couldn't stand it any longer, I went to the bathroom and took a nice hot bath, when I was all by myself. Later i realized how foolish that was, because I might not have been able to get out. Our prayers are with you.

by pafhen 18 Mar 2008

Cutiepie I am so glad to hear all is going well. Those little blessings that you will soon be here so you take care of yourself. Sounds like you have great inlaws that are doing a good job of watching over you and taking care of your needs. Prayers go with you.

by cutiepie 18 Mar 2008

Well, I'm not allowed to do . . . pretty much anything now, except lay down with my feet elevated (can you picture two white-ish sausages at the ends of my legs? No visible ankles anymore!) and feel guilty about not being able to keep my house clean and my child out of mischief. Fortunately, my sister-in-law is coming over every few days to help me get the house ready for the twins to arrive, and my mom-in-law comes and takes me to her house every other day, where my father-in-law gives me a combination of the "Princess treatment" and his impression of the "Italian Mama". In other words, I get set up in the guest bedroom with the television remote, Liam plays the day away with his cousin, and Grandpa Bill tries to feed me more food than I would normally eat in a week. I guess whether you are an "old-world" mother or a retired police sargent, good food equals love, and I am certainly loved by my in-laws! Hopefully, there will be more news from me in a few days. Love you all!!

ruthie by ruthie 18 Mar 2008

Hi cutiepie, so good to see you here again, and pleased to hear you're still going along well, even though you're bedridden, and only have sausages for legs, haha! Make the most of being treated like royalty, and look after those gorgeous twins. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you sweetie, stay safe, stay beautiful, love you too, hugs and flowers to you.

sira by sira 18 Mar 2008

Good news from you. Every pregnant woman should have a treatment like You- good for YOU... And don`t feel guilty if home is a bit mess- it`s obvious: there are a lively boy in your home and you have been ordered to rest! All the bet to You and babys - all three !!!

iris2006 by iris2006 18 Mar 2008

Hello cutiepie, Good to hear from you and that everything is fine, Enjoy the days that you in-laws spoil you because it os good to have them. Thinking a lot of you, your twins and all of the family who are so carefull to you. Till the next time.

clawton by clawton 18 Mar 2008

I know it is boring and you feel quilty about not during anything. I can relate to the sausage legs and no ankles. However, the main thing is to keep you and the babies healthy and safe. So listen to those doctors and enjoy the pampering. Trust me, it is better to do that at home than in the hospital, especially since you have such a loving family. Will continue with the prayers.

jrob by jrob 18 Mar 2008

Oh, you do need my tiara! ;)

shirlener88 by shirlener88 19 Mar 2008

Thanks for the update. Keep doing what you are doing and you will continute to keep getting what you are getting. Hehehe! *4U

by wendymay60 16 Mar 2008

Cutiepie when someone asks what you would love to have, cross your fingers and say 'a Laptop with wireless conection and the wirless fittings in my house so I can use it' You could spend time on the Question list etc. and practice your digitizing. My thoughts are with you and your babies.

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cutiepie by cutiepie 18 Mar 2008

Hey, WendyMay60, I would LOVE to have a laptop with wireless connection, the wireless fittings in my house to use it, and someone to pay for the high-speed Internet connection so that I am not stuck with dial-up anymore. Are you volunteering? =D *lol*

by ctyanke4 16 Mar 2008

So glad to hear that things are going well. Still in my prayers. **

by nini 16 Mar 2008

Glad to know that things seem to go well. Take care. Hugs and flowers.

by clawton 16 Mar 2008

Glad you are doing well. I was on bed rest for a month with my son and it wasn't fun. But do what they say because we want you the babies well. You are still in my prayers. We'll look for your visits to let us know how you are doing. Love and prayers.

by freida 16 Mar 2008

So good to hear this. Get a bunch of something you like to do and settle back and enjoy your long needed rest. You will soon be doing late night feedings. Be happy, all is well.

by sufferingsonje 16 Mar 2008

Glad to har all is well. You take it easy now. Flower for you.

by lorettag28 16 Mar 2008

Hi cutiepie, so good to know that you are getting bedrest, might just be what the doctor ordered in more ways than one. HaHa. You take care of you and the babies, we will be here, when you can pop in and out. Know that we will be praying for you and the two boys, along with Liam and your hubby and especially whomever is helping out. Our love is with you. ((((((((((((((cutiepie)))))))))))))) I highjacked that from Shirlene, HaHa. Loretta

by chris 16 Mar 2008

Enjoy your rest now for after the boys come there well be no rest, this kind any way but it well be a peacefull feeling watching the boys eating, sleeping and all the things that Boys do, so enjoy it and take care of yourself and the Boys

by brendaleas 16 Mar 2008

cutiepie how are you today(Sunday) I have been thanking of you and the babies. I say a prayer everyday for all of ya. get lots os rest ******

by dkjack 16 Mar 2008

Thank you for taking the time to give us an update. Get lots of rest for you and your little angels.

by letvia 16 Mar 2008

Hello cutiepie, is good to know that. Not that you won't be around much but that everything is going well. We will miss you a lot, but you have to take care of yourself and the babies. My prayers are with you. Flower and a lot of XoXo

by jrob Moderator 16 Mar 2008

Cutiepie! So happy to hear the good news! Think of this as a vacation and enjoy being "waited" on for as long as you can stand it. Wish I could send you my tiara. You could close your eyes and be a princess! Ah, do it anyway! Will continue to pray, and you keep the faith, honey! ;)

by maryjo 16 Mar 2008

Hi, I spent 4 mo. on bedrest with my first..not fun.
But the end definitely justfies the means. That was 32 yrs. ago. Now he has 2 of his own. I spent most of my time reading, knitting and doing hand stitching. Too bad they didn't have laptops back then. Anyway you take it easy and drop a line when you can. We're all pulling for you and the boys to have a safe and timely delivery.

by mcgraw 16 Mar 2008

god bless and enjoy the rest *4u all

by pafhen 16 Mar 2008

Cutiepie I have been reading up on all the post and just want you to know that my prayers go with you and your babies. Take care

by marymoore 16 Mar 2008

take care of yourself and them babies prayers 4 u and flowers

by ezzemml 16 Mar 2008

Our Prayers are still with you and your boys and for the other two you have at home as well. Happy to know all is well. enjoy the rest while you can. God bless.

by debbierussell 16 Mar 2008

Take care & all the best.They will be here soon enough.HUGS Debbie

by nurselilly 16 Mar 2008

well cutie put ya feet up now girl and relax watch any movie you like now coz when those babies come home they will take up all your time and theres 2 of em :) take care ******s 4 u

by raels011 16 Mar 2008

Just do what you have to do to keep you and your babies well..God bless and good luck * 4 U

by shirlener88 16 Mar 2008

OH my dear Cutiepie, you just take care of yourself and the boys - if there is anything that I can do to assist you - I would love to do so - please just let me know. You & your fmaily will continue to be in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers. *4U

by iris2006 16 Mar 2008

Dear cutiepie, you and your babies are the most important now, just keep your rest and we'll see you hopefully again with good news. Be strong.


by meganne 16 Mar 2008

So very pleased you are hanging in there. Angels are watching over you and your bubs. Praying for you, Meganne

by gabribid 16 Mar 2008

A flower fo you

by ruthie 16 Mar 2008

Yippee, cutiepie here, so good to see you sweetie, and pleased to hear you're okay. You enjoy that bedrest, we'll be here whenever you pop-in. We'll miss you heaps, hugs and flowers to you and your beautiful twins cutiepie, take care.

by sandralochran 16 Mar 2008

All the best Take care God bless

by persiancatlover 16 Mar 2008

take good care of yourself and your babys,greetings connie