by lr2008 15 Mar 2008

question:: is it propert to give flowers to everyone who posts on your post because I always do but I see alot of others dont..I also see alot of abandoned posts with unanswered questions on them.


by meganne 15 Mar 2008

I have nothing more to add but a rose for each of you lovely ladies, it's such a beautiful day and can't think of anything nicer than sharing with friends. Cheers, Meganne

by shirlener88 15 Mar 2008

lr, I think that you got some good answers to your question, so I believe that I want to give you a flower. *4U

by ruthie 15 Mar 2008

lr, I feel giving flowers is a very personal choice, some people like you love to give them to everyone, others evidently don't feel the need to do this, and that is perfectly okay, I guess there's no rule that says we have to give them, is there. I also love to give flowers, and give them to everyone. But maybe some are not interested in that kind of thing, or maybe they think it's silly, maybe some feel that if they give heaps of flowers away, others will have more than them, who knows, although I've found the opposite, the more I give away, the bigger my bouquet becomes! So how about if you and I, sweetie, and the others who love giving them, keep handing out those beautiful sweet-smelling flowers, and don't worry about what others do or don't do. As for the unanswered comments inside the posts, sometimes this site changes so quickly, and posts move from page to page at an alarming rate, it's very difficult to keep track, also you're lucky in that you have your computer and time all to yourself. Some of our friends here have to share time and computer with other family members, and for some work takes up a large percentage of their day. Plus we all have lapses and forget to check back from time to time, so please forgive me if I haven't answered any questions you've asked, the same as I'd forgive you the same. Hugs and flowers to you, sweetie, hope you have a beautiful day.

by silver 15 Mar 2008

I try to give flowers but like Marji I am often on the run. If I have spare time my hubby and kids seem to sense this and seek me out and 'poof!' no time after all lol. If I have ever been lax, I apologize.
A gift is from the heart whether in the real world or cyber world. It has been a nice thing for any one to do tho, give a pretty flower to someone else.
I think the gift of friendship, being comfortable enough and thinking enough of the rest of us to ask us questions as well as answer questions for us is the best gift I could ever ask for and more than I ever expected from this or any other group...
No Flowers are Necessary for me! I have you all...that's far better than any gift even a sweet little cyber flower!

by marymoore 15 Mar 2008

i give everyone flowers and i am one of them unanswered questions :( he he love everyone tho

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 15 Mar 2008

mary, please forgive us. *4U

by clawton 15 Mar 2008

I usually try to go back and give flowers to those that responded to my question/s. However, sometimes it is hard to keep track of them since they get so far behind on the site pages. The site is used by more people and more frequently than it use to be.

by jrob Moderator 15 Mar 2008

I agree with marji, verbatim...that's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;)

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 15 Mar 2008

me, too!

by lr2008 15 Mar 2008

I always look for my little avatar when looking for my posts, it keeps me on

by letvia 15 Mar 2008

Marji explain everything very well. So I just have to say Flower for everybody and XoXo

by lorettag28 15 Mar 2008

lr2008, if you want to give a flower to everyone, you can. I do. A flower for you. Some post don't have to be abandoned, if you see them, answer their question or make a post and bring it back to the top. HaHa

by marjialexa Moderator 15 Mar 2008

Hi! I try to go back to my posts & check, but because of the way the site is set up and everything bounces around so much, sometimes I can't find them. More often, on the way to look for them I find other interesting questions to read or answer & forget what I'm doing, LOL! If a question is unanswered, maybe nobody knows the answer, or maybe it got lost in the shuffle, now that the forum is so busy. I usually give everyone flowers, some do, some don't, just personal preference or a matter of time. Some days I'm on here for a long time, some days just a little while, so it just depends. However you want to do it is fine! See, now you have 2 more flowers from me, hee hee hee. Thanks for returning to the forum, and posting your projects. You have a lot of talent. Marji

lorettag28 by lorettag28 15 Mar 2008

marji, very good answer and I like it, I am that way too, some days, I have time, some I don't, when I can, I try to go back to as many post as I can, HaHa. A flower for you.

clawton by clawton 15 Mar 2008

Sounds good to me.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 15 Mar 2008

me, too!

by lr2008 15 Mar 2008

Maybe we should all make sure to check back on our posts to make sure no one has any questions because I know mine never get answered and I never know if anyone gets my answers when I answer a question either..

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lorettag28 by lorettag28 15 Mar 2008

I try to do that and think that it is only fair, if someone has a question, that is where they will look for the answer, don't you think? HaHa!