by smithandsmith 17 Feb 2011

I digitized this today for Terre (keeponsewing) I only have the 4x4 hoop but i put it on my skillet handle and it fits great. I thought it would be too small but it works for me :)

Hugs Lee


by stickmuster 18 Feb 2011

great work Lee, Terre it is like. Hugs ********

by rmj8939 18 Feb 2011

It looks like it would work real nice.

by kttyhwk4 18 Feb 2011

Looks great and love the saying on it...thanks for doing this.

by airyfairy 17 Feb 2011

Great idea. Looks too pretty to use.

by sukiray 17 Feb 2011

What a novel idea! You are very talented and creative, Lee. Thank you for sharing.

by bumblebee 17 Feb 2011

Very Cute!

I have stainless steel pans and I always use these covers. I have cloth and silicone ones.

The last time I used the silicone one it kept twisting around the handle so maybe I will have to try one of these.

I do have the insulate stuff and rubber grip fabric but I think it would work without it so long as it fits snug.
My cloth one never flips around and its snug.

Thanks for the nice idea.

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 17 Feb 2011

Thank you, i haven't used these before but i think i might make a few of them for my mom and I. I'm not sure about the different sizes? I would have to digitize a few different sizes and try them out. Thank you for the ideas :)

by katydid 17 Feb 2011

Cute ! Cute ! Do we get it?

by pennifold 17 Feb 2011

Another great idea - hope it works well. Love Chri

by annie23 17 Feb 2011

I think the insulated fabric would be best for this project. Great idea

by leenova54 17 Feb 2011

Oh what a cute saying. I am limited to a 4x4 also but you are so lucky to be able to digitize for yourself and us! That must be so fun!

by keeponsewing 17 Feb 2011

Oh You are so quick! I've been gone all day and this looks GREAT! Love the saying too... Thank you Lee for doing this. I will give it a try. I'm heading up to Mary Jo's fabrics tomorrow (a HUGE fabric store) and I'll look for the rubber grip fabric and insulate fabric for heat. Can't wait to try it. You truly ROCK!!!Hugs, T

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 17 Feb 2011

LOL thank you T. Have fun and please show us what you come up with..hehehe I would love to know how the rubber grip works out.
hugs Lee

noah by noah 17 Feb 2011

Ah Lee i wish you lived close i bought 10 yards of white fabric with white circles on it.It is like whats on some socks only thicker & heavier i made a few slippers with it so far now i might have found another use for it carolyn

leenova54 by leenova54 17 Feb 2011

Carolyn, I still have some of that in my attic from when my 30+ year old sons were little! I just saw it last week when looking for yellow fabric for the sunflower I still never did!

by annyn 17 Feb 2011

Looks good.

by Simplesewer1 17 Feb 2011

Oh Ya these would come in handy around here we only use our cast iron skillets here everything sticks to the others . Nice Job!!

by dlonnahawkins 17 Feb 2011

Good job - I use some very old cast iron skillets when I bake cornbread - this is what I need for them. Don't know how many times I have burned myself getting those out of the oven. LOL

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 17 Feb 2011

thank you , i know the feeling. I too have burned my hands. I hope these work for me :)

by noah 17 Feb 2011

excellent you mean a frying pan handle??? I guess it would work for most & it could be using up those scrapes right???carolyn

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 17 Feb 2011

Hi Carolyn, yes, i think it would fit most. I have small hands and my pots weight a ton! I think the holder would be better with a rubber grip material on the inside. I might try one.
hugs Lee

leenova54 by leenova54 17 Feb 2011

Would the skillet handle be too hot for the rubber grip material? I bought some of that too and haven't used it yet, saw about using it in the hoop to hold the fabric better, I never get around to anything.

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 17 Feb 2011

ooooooo you might have a point. I never thought about the heat with the rubber. I just thought it might stop it from twisting or moving around on the handle. I might have to make them a little smaller in width to fit the handle more snug

by quiltgrama 17 Feb 2011

Creative nice work Lee, Hugs Lisa

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 17 Feb 2011

Hi Lisa, thank you . How is your umbrella challenge going?

by patchwork4424 17 Feb 2011

This is a great idea and looks good too.

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 17 Feb 2011

thank you :)

by shirlener88 17 Feb 2011

Great job *4U

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 17 Feb 2011

thank you Shirlene