by mooie24 15 Feb 2011

Hi Cuties.. can anybody offer me any advice or tutorials on christmas tree skirt

thank you big hugs from London
Maria xx


by castelyn 15 Feb 2011

Sorry Maria, I have not made 1 as yet. But see you have been given some links. Hugs yvonne

by theduchess 15 Feb 2011

What worked for me is I took newspaper and taped several pages together. I sat a small bowl in center(representing tree)I marked the circle.Then removed bowl. next I took a pencil tied to a string and drew a circle from center to the width I wanted for the skirt.I then took my fabric and cut it in the pattern I had made. I then sewed appliques of the designs I wanted.You can add a pretty edging to it for more glamour.Doesn't sound to fancy but it all depends on the fabrics you use and the appliques or designs you embroider.If you're scared to mess up the fabric use an old sheet to experiment on first.Hope it helps. Stella

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mooie24 by mooie24 15 Feb 2011

Hi Stella
wow great thinking thank you :-)
My colour scheme will be gold and white satins.. so I want to alternate the colours somehow lol..
Big hugs from London
Maria xx

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by trovato 15 Feb 2011

Hello Maria, If you go to Emblib you will find under the projects a lot of tutorials. Ofcourse they like to sell there designs to but they have as far as I know a project about these skirts. I know an otherone but have to look for the name and I will send that one to. You also can try Sadia but I don't know for sure she has one. Good luck, Yvonne

try the link, at the bottem they have tutorials, Yvonne

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mooie24 by mooie24 15 Feb 2011

Hi Yvonne
Thank you so much will go take a look at the links you kindly shared now :-)
big hugs - Maria xx