by simplyrosie 14 Feb 2011

Would you believe my friend throws these scraps out? She pays 10-13 bucks a yard and will dump large pieces. Go figure! Anyway, I "dumpster dive" at her house through her scrap piles and make all kinds of things. Here's my latest one. I quilted the wall hanging on my Ellisimo instead of her long arm.


by lflanders 20 Feb 2011

Teri, This is very pretty! You did a great job with this. I hate to admit but I waste my scraps also but I usually waste them on myself. I use them to do dry runs on a design that I have never sewn or to play with several designs I want to put together on a piece. I always try out monograms on old scraps before I sew the real thing also. I would never just toss them.

by maryanns66 19 Feb 2011

Beautiful work and fabrics. How nice to have a friend who shares her lovely scraps with you. I love to 'dumpster dive', too! LOL
Thank you for sharing with us!

by sandralochran 17 Feb 2011

very nice

by manami 17 Feb 2011

Teri, it's beautiful!

by christief 17 Feb 2011

Love it! Looks so nice and can't believe your friend throws away such "scaps"! Great you can put them to use for such beautiful projects!

by gerryb 16 Feb 2011

What a neat use of the found treasure trove!! People give me scraps & I just can't throw them out...but I think I MAY be a collector instead of sewer!! Yipes!

by gerryvb 15 Feb 2011

great job!

by dlonnahawkins 15 Feb 2011

Very nice - and your friend must be a quilter??? - or scraps would not be thrown away - but you did say she has a long arm - so she must quilt. But, all the better for you - and what fun to dumpster dive at a friends house.

by leenova54 15 Feb 2011

Her trash is your treasure! I'd dumpster dive at her house too, what a waste that would have been! It is very pretty!

by designcrazy 15 Feb 2011

Nice job! You deserve a *4 this!

by stickmuster 15 Feb 2011

i like the fabrics sooooo much **********

by rmj8939 15 Feb 2011

I do not blame you. I would do the same if it will be enough to do such lovely things.

by shirlener88 15 Feb 2011

Teri, this is lovely work and great job getting all those scraps to make this with, too *4U

by milas 15 Feb 2011

Very nice color, well done!

by pennifold 15 Feb 2011

Good on you Teri for reusing the fabric scraps. Love Chris

by castelyn 15 Feb 2011

Looks lovely, wish I had friends like that. We all seem to keep our scraps. haha *4u Hugs Yvonne

by beckybowman 15 Feb 2011

Wow! I need a friend like that, I would surely go diving too!

by rwalden 14 Feb 2011

One persons trash is another persons treasure. This looks great. Nice work.

by oara 14 Feb 2011

great job

by kttyhwk4 14 Feb 2011

Great job using your friend's leftovers, wish I had a friend like that. This would also make a nice table runner if it fits your decor.

by mysew1325 14 Feb 2011

wow.. love the colors..