by bigdee 14 Mar 2008

OK, here is another picture. The other one was taken in the shadow so doesn't come out nicely when made a bit smaller. This one you can hardly see the embroidery but it is a turtle. The skirt has a light pink straight underskirt and the top overskirt is cut like a petal and then the top is just a itze bitze

l'il top


by lbrow 22 Apr 2008

How sweet a beautiful little girl in an adorable outfit u r right can't see the emb. very well but that beautiful face & blonde curls outshines anything else anyway *s for the both of U

by roxsy 22 Apr 2008

Oh She looks adorable in that petal skirt.A flower for you and her

by simplyrosie 22 Apr 2008

Alyssa's outfit is adorable. :-)

by marjialexa Moderator 15 Mar 2008

Darling outfit for a darling girl! Well done! Marji

by shirlener88 14 Mar 2008

bigde, thank you for updating this photo, now we can see Alyssa and her cute little petal skirt and top - how sweet. Great job on both! Hehehe! *4U

by iris2006 14 Mar 2008

So cute, both of them, the outfit and Alyssa

by jrob Moderator 14 Mar 2008

It's adorable and so is Alyssa. ;)

by nini 14 Mar 2008

Beautifl work, lovely girl! Flower for both.

by stickmuster 14 Mar 2008

A small flower bathes. Beautiful.** 4U

by iris 14 Mar 2008

She is so cute! And outfit looks pretty too:)

by bigdee 14 Mar 2008

Oops forgot to say---the diaper is sticking out at the top!