by jkdavis1996 11 Feb 2011

I want them to be able to use the bag for cars or legos or soldier men. I like the idea that smithandsmith used for her marble bag, but don't think these guys are allowed marbles. This is for my son's class mates. I don't know them personally, so something from this website or for free would be preferred.



by jkdavis1996 13 Feb 2011

Here is what I did...

by keeponsewing 11 Feb 2011

Karen, I love the idea of the splat alphabet. What letters do you need and I'll help with the voting. Or how about one of those funny faces that 10tje has done. That would be really cute.

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jkdavis1996 by jkdavis1996 11 Feb 2011

Oh the faces are a GREAT idea as well. THANK YOU.
Thank you for offering to vote. I am currently in a membership, so I can get the letters I need. (I used Mrs. V's Christmas discount for one of my gifts. :) )
She is doing a Valentine's discount right now. If you get at least two fonts, you have paid for your subscription.

by jkdavis1996 11 Feb 2011

If I can't get any pictures...what about their first initial with Mrs. V's alpha

Also, doing the boys' bags out of camo material.