by smithandsmith 08 Feb 2011

I made two frogs, one with eye lids and one with out. What do you think, with eye lids or with out?

Hugs Lee


by grannycottage 11 Feb 2011

They are both very cute and I like them both .

by embstar 11 Feb 2011

How cute !!! The one with eyelids has a serious frog look, I love them both! Thank you for sharing!

by alebsi 10 Feb 2011

Both are grrrrrreat !!!!

by sandralochran 10 Feb 2011

They are so cute

by quiltgrama 10 Feb 2011

Very cute!!! Hugs Lisa

by stickmuster 10 Feb 2011

Ohhh, Lee, they are incredibly cute. This is a male with the eyelid, the other female. Conjure up your possibly a few eyelashes? Then it is the most beautiful and irresistible Lady of the Frog world. Hugs Hilde *************

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 10 Feb 2011

thank you :) i tried to add lashes to the design the other day and they just didn't work out for me. Maybe i'll try another one..hehehe

by tauberschmitt 10 Feb 2011

die sind beide bezaubernd, hat jeder etwas witziges super gemacht

by kmk1 10 Feb 2011

They are really cute

by cogs42 10 Feb 2011

I like both, but I think add some eyelashed for a girl. They are fantastic!!!!!!

by manami 10 Feb 2011

How cute! Your work is wonderful! Now that I have 5x7 hoop, need to try ITH items :)

by jasanne 09 Feb 2011

At first glance I liked the one with the eyelids - but they are both real cute

by kezza2sew 09 Feb 2011

these are just "So cute" I love 'em 2 bitz.

by pldc 09 Feb 2011

Oh my Lee this are sew adorable, The one with lids looks grumpy, I think they are both great! Hugs &******4U Loralye

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 11 Feb 2011

The grumpy one must be Male.

by dlonnahawkins 09 Feb 2011

Oh - they are both cute, but the one with lids makes him appears with ATTITUDE!!! Love it.

by momosmemos 09 Feb 2011

Oh these are both so cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

by mariahail 09 Feb 2011

like them both*******

by sewinjoyable 09 Feb 2011

I like both, but I do like the eyelids, better. Now how about one with lashes, kinda like a flirty frog. lol. Joy

by pcteddyb 09 Feb 2011

The one with eyelids looks angry/mean but agree with the others add eyelashes and you have a boy and a girl!.

You said you got the rings at the dollar store - what are they before you make them toy rings? Are they like teething rings or something? Not sure what to look for....

by marisabizz 09 Feb 2011

Speciali... Bellissime!!!!!

by smithandsmith 09 Feb 2011

Thank you to all Cuties for your comments, i'll add some lashes today for the female and try to post them today or tomorrow for you
hugs Lee

by cmdam 09 Feb 2011

Your designs are beautiful as usual. But if they are for babies I´ll put them smiling. Hugs Angelina

by needledream 09 Feb 2011

These are so cute what a beautiful idea !

by olly 09 Feb 2011

Oh my goodness. These are gorgeous. Please share them with us. We would really appreciate that. Are these done in the hoop?

by lissysew 09 Feb 2011

How CUTE are these!?! You are so talented what a great both ...

by rmj8939 09 Feb 2011

both cute but with eyelids looks angry.

by leenova54 09 Feb 2011

Oh yes, eyelashes for her, get those babies posted in DBC, lol, I love them both!

by cclark 08 Feb 2011

I love the eyelids! It gives the frog character.

by noah 08 Feb 2011

The one on the left looks like my father inlaw when hes mad at me lol love them carolyn

by nonna57 08 Feb 2011

Lee personally i am terrified of frogs, but these are sooooo cute. Well done to you both :)

by rsehorse 08 Feb 2011

Very hard to decide. But if I could only choose one I'd pick the eyelids. You are very creative!

by knitty46 08 Feb 2011

I like them both. The one with lids looks serious. The other one looks like why am I here.

by keeponsewing 08 Feb 2011

LeeAnn these are adorable! You are so talented....

by pam5296 08 Feb 2011

love them both. Hope to see them soon on the design list.

by bevintex 08 Feb 2011


by lulu07 08 Feb 2011

Both are cute, I collect ceramic and stuffed frogs (honestly hate the real ones,lol) so I love these.

by christracey 08 Feb 2011

Oh these are both cute. As someone mentioned male & female perhaps? Are they just like a stuffed toy? Will you be sharing this design? Good work.

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 08 Feb 2011

great idea, the male is the grumpy one and the other is female..hehehe Maybe i should add some eyes lashes to her?

christracey by christracey 09 Feb 2011

Well that would look cute too & really show the female up against the

by beckybowman 08 Feb 2011

Love them both! Have to agree the one with eye lids does look a little grumpy. Both are cute!

by mysew1325 08 Feb 2011

these are both just adorable.. maybe the one with eye lids..

by katmug 08 Feb 2011

He he Lee-Anne HOW CUTE!!! I just LOVE frogs so I love them both. I reakon the one with eyelids looks a little cross he he. His just being a little human on a bad day! LOL

by caroldann 08 Feb 2011

Love both of them! Just adorable!

by wendyb1 08 Feb 2011

I love them both it adds charater to them.

by rwalden 08 Feb 2011

That's a tough question. I like them both but, I think I agree that the one with eyelids looks a little grumpy.

by leenova54 08 Feb 2011

Oh gosh, I love him with eyelids, makes him look grumpy, lol!

by nama2 08 Feb 2011

Without!!!!!! but adorable

by smburt 08 Feb 2011

very cute.

by highlandermom 08 Feb 2011

How cute !!! The one with eyelids has a serious frog look, lol and without more awake. I love them both.

by shirlener88 08 Feb 2011

Lee, these are adorable - what do the eyelids do? I like the eyelids! *4U

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 08 Feb 2011

thanks Shirlene, i just thought the one with eye lids looked a little

lilylady by lilylady 08 Feb 2011

me too! Male and Female, Gee! which one is grumpy. I like them both