by cathiejones 06 Feb 2011

This is Yvonne's funny design who expressed very well my feeling at the end of the day. This is a message for the men of my house (my husband and my 3 sons).

I declared the war !!!!!
Thank you Yvonne for that humoristic design!
Cathie Jones


by muflotex 08 Feb 2011

hope you help all your guys
learn how to fly on their own, it is a hard job -
you are taking them in with humor, hope you have a flight plan

by stickmuster 08 Feb 2011

very nice ********

by rmj8939 07 Feb 2011

says it all.

by mysew1325 06 Feb 2011

great job..

by katydid 06 Feb 2011

Love it and I see you provided them with all the necessary products.

by dlonnahawkins 06 Feb 2011

Thanks for sharing, and it is humerous. I think about the way we all fell from time to time.

by noah 06 Feb 2011

i love it well done:):)carolyn

by smithandsmith 06 Feb 2011

Love this design,hehehe Great work
Hugs Lee

by shirlener88 06 Feb 2011

Cathie, this is very nice - I do hope the men in your house listen and heed your plee. *4U

by spendlove Moderator 06 Feb 2011

Nice one, Cathie! You tell 'em.

by ramona 06 Feb 2011

Whew!!! 4 men in the house. I can't imagine. Thanks for sharing, this is so cute.

by asterixsew Moderator 06 Feb 2011

Perfect and I hope they listen to your advice

by castelyn 06 Feb 2011

Cathie, thanks so much for sharing with us, your stitched out projects. It looks great with the blue background. Well done *4u Hugs Yvonne

by iris2006 06 Feb 2011

Very funny and Yvone and you did a nice job, And now we hope that the men in your house do understand hahaha