by simplyrosie 05 Feb 2011

Feb. 5, 2011 - FYI quilters!!! It's really difficult sewing binding on a king size quilt when two shih tzus think it's their tent to play in. LOL... anyone else have furry helpers like mine???


by ddouville 06 Feb 2011

Not a quilter but when sewing or embroidering, I have three feline helpers. Needless to say, every gift has to be washed before wrapping. Can not imagine not having them "helping" me - very lonely.

by tippi 06 Feb 2011

When my shih tzu was very young she would do the same thing. Now she just lays on her bed and watches me sew. When she gets bored she wants me to stop and go play with her. Aren't the adorable? Just love my little girl

by sewdeb 06 Feb 2011

Yep, sounds familiar. I had a big old lovable Labrador who thought the part of the quilt that wasn't in the hoop being quilted was meant to be his "favorite blanket".
Had to invest in "bicycle clips" to keep the quilt off of the floor and out from under the dog.... He's gone now and I miss this "tug-a-war" over the quilt.

by rmj8939 06 Feb 2011

You are blest to have two shih tzus. I have one and she is my baby and gets upset if I am not where she can be right with me.

by asterixsew Moderator 06 Feb 2011

Yes until recently there were four helpers who loved my sewing room, sadly it is now down to two. Today I am hoping to do some sewing while my daughters are here cooking me a special birthday meal. So there is a grandson and Maydog all wanting attention. Think the grandson is too young at 5 months to teach how to use the embroidery machines. Happy furry sewing

camylow by camylow 06 Feb 2011

Happy Birthday

asterixsew by asterixsew 06 Feb 2011

Thanks it is next week but it is not possible to be together on the day

sewdeb by sewdeb 06 Feb 2011

Happy Birthday- next week and happy visiting with the GS and the sewing room. *

by lique 06 Feb 2011

Recognise this one. Two of my three cats love me to work on the floor! They are all over my work, back hands etc. Amazingly they do not like the sound of my sewing machine so they do not come close! But my remnants drawer is a favourite place to sit if I forget to close it totally. they even manage to open it if there is a small gap.

by bikermomfl 06 Feb 2011

I have me queen Isis (my avatar) and she must examine every single thing and walk back and forth and pull the thread with her tail, and plop right in the middle. She seems to like embroidery the best with the vibration and movements so sometimes things are a little crooked, but shes my girl all 5 lbs of her!

by lesbabe 06 Feb 2011

oh yes! 2 ragdoll kittens that just have to help!but I'm sure they are going to grow up into 2 very fine my daughters had paid as much attention!

by pldc 05 Feb 2011

yes, I have a Yorkie & he always wants to sit on my lap when I'm hand stitching!, Its challenging but I love him to bits! Sew we work around them! He's a big one too! Not an itty bitty one.Although I love them too! Mine is 5 yrs old & 7kilograms. That's x 2.2

by kkcogle 05 Feb 2011

Yes...just today, I was taking pictures to post in projects. Bailey wanted to sit, lay and walk over the two outfits I was photographing. When I tried to get her OFF the table and OFF my projects...she would just sass back...finally, I just took HER picture...and posted it WITH the project! here's another peek at it....(she is like 15-16 yrs old...can't remember...but acts like shes only 5 yrs)

by kttyhwk4 05 Feb 2011

lol...sorry to inform you it is their quilt at least until you finish with it. Funny how our pets like to be included in everything we do.

by softhearted1 05 Feb 2011

lol, yep. One big hairy german shepherd that thinks she has to watch every move I make :) Wouldn't trade her tho :)

by leenova54 05 Feb 2011

I don't quilt but my smaller old cat would be under any blanket that she could find to lay on and the young 16 pounder is always looking for something to get into.

by dlonnahawkins 05 Feb 2011

No don't have furry babies - and if my daughter's were over here one would be frightened at the noise of the machine - the old girl would be looking for something to eat, and my GS's dog would be running like crazy all around the floors. We call him "crack puppy" - he's cute and very smart( he has learned to let himself in off the patio after doing his business), but he is way too hyper. Have fun with those furry babies - can't wait to see your quilt.

by camylow 05 Feb 2011

Not in the house, but I do have 10 sticky little fingers that grab abd grab...The GD is always into my corner when I am trying so hard to work

by shirlener88 05 Feb 2011

Oh no - you think they will every understand - that it isn't their tent? Hehehe!

by smithandsmith 05 Feb 2011

oooooo yes, i have a cat named Lumpy and he likes to sit on my lap when i sew. It started when he was a little kitten and that was fine but now he's 16 pounds and too big. But he doesn't seem to think so.
hugs Lee

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 05 Feb 2011

oh how funny Lee... gotta love our babies.

leenova54 by leenova54 05 Feb 2011

OMG, my grand kitty that lives with us is 16 pounds so I know what you mean!

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 05 Feb 2011

I Love the name LUmpy!! Does it describe his personality?