by simplyrosie 04 Feb 2011

February 4, 2011 - Hope our Super Bowl fans are enjoying our snow...twice this week already for Dallas! Pictures included of what I woke up to today.


by beatie58 04 Feb 2011

Love the pictures, no snow here just floods heatwaves cyclones....looking at the pictures make feel a bit cooler...thanks for sharing...Hugs sally

by shirlener88 04 Feb 2011

Teri, that has to be so hard on you to bare - I know that you never figured on that sort of weather when you moved to Texas - you poor thing - you must be freezing. I hope it warms soon.

by dlonnahawkins 04 Feb 2011

Oh - I would love to see it - for about 5 seconds, but even though our weather has not been very pretty, we don't want that white fluffy stuff. I was wondering how the Super Bowl visitors would react to the snow and roads.

by pennifold 04 Feb 2011

That is amazing Teri - we have floods,heatwaves and bushfires! Love and blessings Chris

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simplyrosie by simplyrosie 04 Feb 2011

Hey Chris, that sounds like Southern California... I always say, SoCal is the "shake and bake" state. We get floods and fires all the time. :-)

by simplyrosie 04 Feb 2011

1. My husband's work vehicle. Our personal cars are safely tucked away in our garage.

2. Across the street at the pool house.

3. My house.

News says more is on the way here shortly. Brrr.... I admire you ladies that live up North, this is about all this native beach girl from San Diego can handle!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 04 Feb 2011


clawton by clawton 04 Feb 2011

Great picutres. Nice layer of snow! Love the style of your house

by 02kar Moderator 04 Feb 2011

Thanks but I have more than enough of my own snow.

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simplyrosie by simplyrosie 04 Feb 2011

I'll send you some anyway. :-)