by seamripper40 03 Feb 2011

Hi Cuties. Love the foreign sites.Why can't we get it in English? Afraid to use them.


by mary51 03 Feb 2011

After going to this none english sites for some time, you learn where is the DL button by clicking everywhere till you find it, that is what I do.

by ansalu 03 Feb 2011

Not the whole world is english-speaking ;o) What is frightened you so about the foreign sites?
You can use a translationprogram or frequently visit a language-school to learn them (I had to learn 3 foreign languages in school here in Germany for a-level).
I'm always a little bit cautious using that wonderful chinese pages but the danger is in most of the cases not the foreign language (see the mohamed-sites are all in english for easy using) but the hidden viruses.
Greetings, Bettina

by jofrog2000 03 Feb 2011

I have the google tool bar which automatically translates if I want it to. Some pages will let you right click and choose translate from the menu. Surprising what I remember from high school French class. LOL

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ansalu by ansalu 03 Feb 2011

Same to me; hated french at school but after 3 hard school-years and nearly 30 years later there is more than I ever thought I keep in my brain. English was always my fav (much better than latin). It's funny when you try to understand the italian posts with only a 3month-cours at the adult education center (same: remember more than I ever imagine and it's a good training).
Greetings, Bettina

by caroldann 03 Feb 2011

You should have a translate option at these sites or if possible use your google translate. I don't have any problems with any of the foreign sites.

by edithfarminer 03 Feb 2011

Use a translater if possible and yes not everyone speaks English lol.

by kttyhwk4 03 Feb 2011

Some of them do have a tranlater for you to use. Guess they wonder why Cute isn't in their language too.