by damaris 03 Feb 2011

Update on Daughter in IL. Her heart Dr. is amazed how well she is Her hands are back to normal. The hole in her heart is repaired.They want to put her surgery in a journal.thanks for prayers


by shirlener88 03 Feb 2011

Dee, another prayer answered - this is wonderful news. So happy for you and your daughter +the doctor to be able to write it up. *4U

by sukiray 03 Feb 2011

Damaris, this is indeed good news. My Grandaughter was 3 month old when she had her surgery. It was done on Valentines Day. She's 19 now. She's a sweetie!
Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery. Hugs and blessings.

by airyfairy 03 Feb 2011

Wonderful news.

by 02kar Moderator 03 Feb 2011

I love happy news. I am so glad for you and for your daughter

by anangel 03 Feb 2011

Damaris, I am happy that all is going well for your daughter. My daughter had a congenital heart defect, a
large hole involving the two lower chambers. She had surgery to repair the hole at age 7; she is now 45. The
surgery done now is so much more sophisticated and easier
on the patient than so many years ago. It was a very heartwrenching time for me, as well as any mother, so I understand. Prayers going up as I type this for the the Lord's blessing of speedy recovery for your daughter.

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damaris by damaris 03 Feb 2011

My daughter will be 50 this year. So this was a shock. This was the first time for this Dr. on an adult He was super nice to all of us.