by gayle950 30 Jan 2011

thing else could be put so as to have a full hoop. This is for ITH projects using vilene which can be quite expensive. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Gayle


by gayle950 30 Jan 2011

Thanks for all the information, I will see what I can do with my machine. I have been trying to change it with my PE DEsign lite.

by meganne 30 Jan 2011

Hi Gayle,
Some machines do not recognise designs if they are not centred when you upload them, but you should be able to change the placement (depending on the design) after you have uploaded it to your machine.

I do NOT recommend playing around too much with FSL designs though and I will endeavour to explain why .....

Most embroidery machines have a preference for which way they like to stitch, and they also have a corresponding 'weakness' direction.

Trying to explain this, some machines stitch terribly on say a 45* angle, some stitch poorly on a 90* angle, on some it may be 0*.

Have you ever noticed your machine might stitch a whole heap of really loose stitches and you think 'I must tighten the tension' but then the next section it will stitch perfectly??? Have you thought to make a note of what direction the machine is stitching when it does these loose stitches.

Well, nearly every machine has this little problem area, Yes even the most expensive designer Diamond.

So this is my reason for saying not to fiddle too much with the placement of FSL designs, because if you should manage to turn the design to just the exact wrong placement, your FSL is likely to fall apart when you wash it out because you disturbed the registration of the design and placed a critical area on your machine's worst stitch direction. IT will even cause outlines to be disconnected from the design.

Does this make sense the way I have explained it?

A reason for not rotating filled designs, especially those with pattern fills, is because the pattern fill will look totally different when stitched on a different angle to what the digitiser has selected.

If it wasn't so late I would create a swatch and show you, but you'll just have to take my word for it, for now.

Digitisers spend a lot of time creating patterned fills and putting them on just the correct angle that makes them look best.
When the embroiderer changes/rotates the design, it changes the angle of the stitches to something totally different and you will get a different result.

Then of course, the embroider complains that the design turned out disgusting, but they forgot to mention that they did such a simple thing as rotate it!

There is much more to digitising than non-digitisers realise, so I hope these explanations help in some way as to why some designs fail, especially if the embroider fiddles with them.

And Yes, I was also GUILTY as charged, before I became a digitiser. :-)))

Hugs n gumnuts, Meganne

mops by mops 30 Jan 2011

This is completely new to me, Meganne. When you rotate a design the stitch direction rotates with it, so why would the effect be different. I rotate my designs quite often, specially on my 4-needle as I don't want the bulk of my fabric on the back there, and I never had my stitch direction different from what I digitised.

spendlove by spendlove 30 Jan 2011

The stitch direction rotates with design, but will be in a new direction relative to the machine.

by mary51 30 Jan 2011

When I do FSL I do change the possition so i can accomodate two or more designs, it works perfect and I do not waste a lot of WSS.

by keeponsewing 30 Jan 2011

Gayle, I change the placement from my machine all the time so I'm not wasting stuff. When you do this, you need to accommadate with the placement of your design to your fabric. Does that make sense?