by notespinner 27 Jan 2011

Are the letters "I" and "J" really the same design in this new font, today?


by gerryvb 27 Jan 2011

they are different, but just like jofrog I first thought the i was a l but it was the can see all the letters here at cute and notice there's a difference.

by sewmom 27 Jan 2011

Check the alphabet pages you can see they are very different.

by jofrog2000 27 Jan 2011

They look different, but I thought the I was more of an L. We'll see.

by mranderson 27 Jan 2011

If you are talking about the Charming font, they are nothing alike. I have the pack and just checked.

by kttyhwk4 27 Jan 2011

No they aren't, rather different designs, same font.