by sqdancer 07 Mar 2008

Thought these were so cute, have used them on shoe bags for square dancer friends and also on one of my square dance outfits.

The designs are from


by nglover1 08 Mar 2008

Very cute, I buy my bags like that from Hobby Lobby they put on sale at 50% off about once a month. I stock up . A flower for you

by lyn4 07 Mar 2008

Very cute!

by lorettag28 07 Mar 2008

sqdancer, years ago, I belonged to a group of square dancers and would have loved a bag just like this. Very nice work. A flower for you.

by shirlener88 07 Mar 2008

sqdancer, I think you find just the right design for your need - what a cute bag, as well - did you make that or buy it? How did you get the embroidery work on it? Did you have to take it apart and stitch it back together? *4U

sqdancer by sqdancer 07 Mar 2008

This particular bag I bought ready made and it was quite easy to embroidery on as the top opened wide enough for me to fit it over the arm of my machine. Then I just used Sticky stabilizer and it worked fine...thanks for the flowers...

shirlener88 by shirlener88 07 Mar 2008

Thank you - that is wonderful to find something that you don't have to take apart. Where did you locate such a find? Hehehe! I am real noisy and always need to know where people get things, just in case it is something that I might want to purchase as well. *4U

sqdancer by sqdancer 08 Mar 2008

and you are not nosey....they have a nice selection to choose from, you can sometimes find nice bags in Wal-Mart or K-Mart, here in Canada Zellers.
Have a nice weekend...

by raels011 07 Mar 2008

Very good

by clawton 07 Mar 2008

Sooo cute and useful.

by nini 07 Mar 2008

Very cute indeed! Beautiful idea!