by sdrise 24 Jan 2011

Hi here is a tee shirt I did for my sister. She is a Liscensed Message Thearipst. Her room is all oriental decor so I made her a shirt to go with the decor. I got the design at Emb Library. Thanks Suzanne


by quilter124 25 Jan 2011

great job on this....started to get these designs but went with another design....looks great and I know your sister will love this....

by sdrise 25 Jan 2011

Thank you ALl Suzanne

by shirlener88 24 Jan 2011

Great job - this is a smart tee for her to where for her work. *4U

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sdrise by sdrise 24 Jan 2011

Thank you Shirlene Now I have to make more for the other days of the week. Suzanne

by noah 24 Jan 2011

Well i think she will love this but maybe you better make her 4 more one for every day of the week LOL carolyn

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sdrise by sdrise 24 Jan 2011

So right she already asked me to do a few more she loved it. Suzanne